Workflow Triggers

Workflow triggers are the events that cause workflows to begin running.  You choose the trigger for a workflow when you initiate workflow creation by clicking the arrow in the center of the Workflow screen.

The options for workflow triggers and their parameters are:

  • Automatically on a file activity - The workflow begins when a file on a specific path is created, updated, downloaded, or previewed, or when a folder on a specific path is created.

    Limited to PathRequiredFolder path on which the file action occurs.
    File EventRequiredChoose from a list of events, such as If file is created or If file is downloaded or previewed.
  • Automatically on a share activity - The workflow begins when a share is created or updated. You may limit the trigger to only set off the workflow when the share occurs on a certain path, such as a certain Team folder.

    Share EventRequiredCurrently there is only one option, If share is created or updated.
    Limited to PathOptionalFolder path on which the share action occurs.
  • Started by user on a file - The workflow is triggered for a file when a user in the user portal chooses it in the context menu for the file in the following manner:

    Note: There are no parameters for this trigger.

  • Started based on a timer - The workflow runs at a specified start time. You may also specify an end time and a frequency of once, daily, or weekly, or periodically (every 5 minutes).

    Start DateTimeRequiredDate and time the workflow begins running.
    PeriodicOptional - defaults to Run OnceHow often the workflow runs. Options are Run Once, Periodically (every 5 minutes), Daily, or Weekly.
    End DateTimeOptionalDate and time the workflow stops running.