Home Screen Settings




1Sync Status

Indicates the current sync status as one of the following:

ON - if syncing is enabled

DISABLED - Syncing is paused or turned off


Allows you to completely disable synchronization temporarily.

  • Disables the Sync Now button.
  • Displays: WARNING: Sync is disabled, nothing will be synced
  • The text on the button changes from Pause to Start.

(lightbulb) Sync will be re-enabled when you click Start or when the computer is restarted.

3Sync Now

Allows you to manually start an immediate synchronization

  • The Recent Log will show Manual Sync Queued...
4Open Website

Opens a web browser to the User Portal for the associated FileCloud Server

Read more about Logging In to the User Portal

5File Browser

Opens the File Browser application to view the files for the associated FileCloud Server

Read more about Managing Files in the File Browser

6Sync Permissions

Allows you to run a manual permission sync on the folders which have Permission sync enabled

  • Only folders that are currently configured to be synchronized will get a permission sync
  • When selecting a folder to sync, you can select the Sync Permissions checkbox to enable this feature

Read more about Synchronizing Folders


Logged in as


Shows the user account that is currently logged in.

  • Displays the associated profile picture
  • Also displays the user's available storage quota and how much is currently being used

Clicking Change allows you to log in with a different account.


Server Folders


Displays the number of folders you have configured to sync

Clicking Select allows you to specify which folders get synchronized locally

9MB, filesDisplays the storage space used to sync all specified files locally, followed by the number of files synchronized

Recent Errors


Allows you to view and clear recent syncing errors. Useful for troubleshooting ServerSync problems.

Changes the selected tab from the Home screen to the Activity screen.

  • This is useful for seeing all of the log entries, filter for errors, and get more details.
11Server Folders

Shows Syncing status for all managed folders, including My Files / Team / Shared Folders

12Recent Log

Shows recent sync logs

(lightbulb) That this log will clear and refresh automatically when it runs out of space

13ClearRemoves all entries from the recent log display, the Activity log display, and the local log file