Finding files without metadata

Smart Classification does not apply metadata to files over a specified size, but you can add metadata to those files manually. Beginning in FileCloud 20.1, you can configure your system to search for files without metadata. 

Find files without metadata:

  1. Open the configuration file:
    Windows: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
    Linux: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. Add the line:

  3. In the navigation bar, click Metadata.
    Now the upper-right corner of the Manage Metadata Sets screen displays a Files Without Metadata button.

  4. To display a list of files without metadata, click Files Without Metadata.

Add metadata from the Files Without Metadata list

  1. Follow the procedure above to access your Files Without Metadata list.
  2. Across from a file, click the button under Actions

    The Manage File Metadata window opens.

    The top drop-down list holds custom metadata, the drop-down list below that holds default metadata, and any drop-down lists below that hold built-in metadata.  
  3. To add a custom metadata set, choose it in the drop-down list and click Add.
    It is added below the other metadata sets.
  4. Add or change values in any of the metadata fields.

  5. You can update the value of fields that appear in the Default metadata set.. Expand the section, and add or change the values in the metadata fields, and click Save.

  6. You can view, but not update the values in built-in metadata sets. Expand the sections to view the metadata and any values they have.