Disable MongoDB Authentication and IP Binding

If your system uses MongoDB authentication or custom IP binding, prior to using the FileCloud Update tool for Windows, MongoDB authentication and IP binding must be disabled. 

To disable MongoDB authentication and IP binding:

  1. Backup the MongoDB config file by running the command:
    copy C:\xampp\mongodb\bin\mongodb.conf %TEMP%
  2. In C:\xampp\mongodb\bin\mongodb.conf, disable authentication by adding # (a comment character) at the beginning of the line auth = true:
    #auth = true
  3. Also in C:\xampp\mongodb\bin\mnogodb.conf, disable IP binding by uncommenting bind_ip_all and commenting bind_ip:
    #ip address
    bind_ip_all = true
    #bind_ip =
  4. Restart MongoDB to activate the changes.
  5. Test access using mongo shell.
    (If you are updating from a version of FileCloud prior to version 23.1, use mongo instead of mongosh in the following command:
    cd C:\xampp\mongodb\bin
    mongosh --quiet --eval "show dbs"
    # you should see output similar to this:
    admin                   148.00 KiB
    config                  108.00 KiB
    fcbackup                 20.00 KiB
    fcbackup_duo             20.00 KiB
  6. Update FileCloud using the Update Tool.
  7. Re-enable IP binding and authentication and restart MongoDB.