Detect and Notify Failed Signatures Workflow

This workflow recipe creates an ALERT notification when a file is created or uploaded to FileCloud with a signature mismatch.

  • This ALERT notification can be set for a specific folder location only.  
  • You can view the alerts on the Admin Portal in the alert panel.

To create a workflow to detect and notify when a file with a signature mismatch is uploaded: 

  1. Login to Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Workflow on the left navigation
  3. Click the Add Workflow button
  4. Set the If Condition to If a file is created


5. Click on Next.
To identify FileCloud specific path for a folder please refer to Identifying a FileCloud Specific Path.

Set the path to "/" if you want to monitor all the folders in the system.



6. Click on Next, Set Then Action to Verify file integrity and generate admin alert



7. Click on Next. Provide the size of the files

8. Click on Next,  Give a name to this workflow.


9.  Once this workflow is set,  Admin gets alert messages in the Alerts page.