• Consider using PHP 5.6 and above with OpCache enabled for improved performance
  • Enabling Local Storage File Encryption will affect performance. Consider not using encryption unless absolutely required.
  • Use SSD disks for storage for running the Server. It will have significant performance boost.
  • Having a large number of CPU cores will help with scaling when there are a lot of incoming requests

Optimizing Mongo Database Performance

  • For large databases, MongoDB might require a lot of RAM, so ensure your server running MongoDB has enough RAM.
  • Consider using SSD storage to store MongoDB databases
  • Consider moving MongoDB to a separate server outside of the webserver node. This might improve performance.

Improving Upload Speeds

There are many factors that can affect upload speeds.

  • Your internet connection bandwidth speed
  • Where the storage is location (local to the filecloud server or on the network). Local is faster.
  • Type of storage (SSD vs Hard Disk) . SSD is fastest.

Improving File Synchronization Speeds

  • Use FileCloud 11.0 or later for multi-threaded file uploads and downloads
  • Use realtime sync for optimum sync performance
  • Offline sync of large network folders will be slow and might severely impact server performance when there are lots of users using the system.