Smart Mounted Network Folders

Smart mounts are special type of Network share whose file system paths contain variables. The variables will be translated to get to the actual File System path. This will greatly simplify access to network shares as long as certain criteria is met.
For example,take a look at the following image showing a folder structure in the File System.

In the folder structure shown in the image above, the Administrator can setup the Network share in such a way that:

  • When user "joe" logs in, he will be able to see c:\data\smart\joe folder and no other folder
  • When user "nancy" logs into FileCloud, she will only be able to see and access C:\data\smart\nancy folder.

To achieve this, create a network share with smart mount path like C:\data\smart\%USERID% . The system will automatically replace the "%USERID% variable with the actual user name and mount it to the Network Share for the user to access.
The following special tokens can be inserted in the smart mount parameter

%USERID% User id as a variable in path
%EMAILID%Email id as a variable in path
%DISPLAYNAME%User display name as a variable in path

Creating a smart LAN based network folder

To create a smart mount network share, the steps are

  1. Navigate to "Network Folders" in the Administration panel and Click on the "Add" button
  2. In the "New Network Folder" dialog, enter the Network Folder Name and select the "Smart Mount" checkbox. IGNORE THE "Network Folder Path" textbox
  3. Set the "Smart Mount Type" to "Path Pattern" using the dropdown box
  4. Enter the "Smart Mount" path in the "Smart Mount Parameter" text box
  5. Click "Add" to create the smart mount
  6. Select the newly created smart mount entry and assign access by clicking "Users" or "Groups" in the Network Share Details

If you want to assign this to all users in the system, simply assign it to the EVERYONE group. The EVERYONE group is a special group which has all the members in the FileCloud system