FileCloud not starting on Windows

FileCloud Server not starting on Windows

If FileCloud Webserver or Database does not startup, it is most likely that another process is using the ports used by the Webserver and the Database.  By default, FileCloud uses these 3 ports (80, 443, 27017), so if other programs are using these ports, the servers will not start up properly.

Most common applications that use these ports are Microsoft IIS, Skype, TeamViewer.

To figure out which application is using this port, open a command prompt and type the following command.

netstat -ano | find "LIST"



You can look at the process using ports 80, 443 or 27017. (for example 0.0.0:80). 
The right most column shows the process ID of the process using that port.  

You can get the name of the process, by 

tasklist /svc /PI "PID eq 988"


GUI Option

Alternative option to see Proccess running on ports 80,443 or 27017 is through GUI. Go to Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Resource Monitor (or Run resmon.exe)

PID (4) - Image (System) running on port 80 implies IIS may be running. Stop the IIS and try to restart Apache.


Common Services Interfering with Ports using by FileCloud Server 

Other Apps Using same Network Services
WWW Publishing Service
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft Skype


For 2012 server, you might need to do this

Windows server 2012

net stop http /y
sc config http start= disabled


You might need to reboot after this