Monitor Retention and DLP: The Governance Dashboard

The Governance Dashboard displays retention alerts as well as retention and DLP statistics to help you keep track of retention policies and violations of DLP rules

1) Retention Alerts 

Lists current alerts for files and folders that have retention policies added to them.
To the right of an alert:

  • Click OK to archive the alert and move it to the Archived Alerts listing.
  • Click Ack to acknowledge the alert and move it to the Acknowledged Alerts listing.
2) Alert type buttonsClicking each button displays a list of the alert type (New, Acknowledged, or Archived) in the Retention Alerts table.
3) Statistics

Statistics of :

  • Number of retention policies of each type and how many files and folders they are added to. 
  • Number of files and folders receiving a certain action in the last 7 days.
4) Realtime DLP StatisticsDLP violations occurring currently.
5) Quick Actions

Add Policy - Add a retention policy, and apply it to files and folders.

Effective Policies - View a list of retention policies and the files and folders they affect.

View Audit - View system audit logs. Defaults to displaying retention audit logs.