Create a Type of Retention Policy

There are five different types of retention policies that can be configured and assigned.

Policy Type


Admin Hold

  • Prevents any update or delete of digital content for an indefinite period of time
  • Admin Hold policies applied to folders can be removed
  • Admin policies applied to files can be removed

Create an Admin Hold policy

Legal Hold

  • Freezes digital content to aid discovery or legal challenges
  • During a legal hold, file modifications are not allowed
  • Holds cannot be reversed once applied

Create a Legal Hold policy


  • Identifies digital content to be kept around for an unlimited amount of time before being deleted or released
  • Retention policies cannot be reversed once applied

Create a Retention policy


  • Moves and stores old organizational content, for example, to a more cost effective systems for long term
  • No Deletion is allowed until a specific time period is reached
  • After the specified time period is reached, content gets moved to a specific folder or location

Create an Archival policy

Trash Retention

  • Controls if files can permanently be deleted off the FileCloud Server system
  • Can be configured for automatic and permanent deletion of all files in the Trash bins or to expire with no actions

Create a Trash Retention policy