Changing the Default Cache Path

FileCloud stores cached files in %APPDATA%/FileCloudDrive/data/ folder.

  • Cache is automatically cleared each time that FileCloud is closed.

To change the default cache location:

  1. Create a new cache location (for example: C:\fcd).
  2. Using the system tray menu, stop FileCloudDrive.
  3. In Windows Explorer, open the following location:

    C:\Program Files\FileCloud Drive\service
  4. Open the following file in notepad

  5. Change the following key 



  6. Save the config.xml file and close it.
  7. Using the system tray menu, start FileCloud Drive.

To shorten the cache path by replacing the FileCloud URL and username

The default convention of Including the FileCloud URL and username in the cache path may cause the path to exceed the 256-character Windows limit. To fix this, you can add a parameter to the Drive configuration file which causes it to generate a random 10-digit path that replaces the URL and username.

For example, a cache path with the FileCloud URL and username could appear as:
C:\Users\sara\AppData\Roaming\FileCloud Drive\data\\Cache\My Files

but with the URL and username replaced with the random 10-digit path, it would appear as:
C:\Users\sara\AppData\Roaming\FileCloud Drive\data\2255566438\Cache\My Files

To replace the URL and username portion of the cache path with a random 10-character name:

  1. Open  C:\Program Files\FileCloud Drive\service\config.xml

  2. Add the following: