Using Code Based Authentication for Drive

Your Administrator may require you to log in with a code instead of a user name and password.

To login to the FileCloud Server using a code:

  1. In the Login screen of the Drive wizard, for Login Method, click Device Authentication Code.
  2. Type in the server URL and the user account name (or email).
  3. Click Login.
  4. If the request access was successful, a window for opening the Device Authorization code opens:
    Enter Device Code dialog box
  5. Sign in to the FileCloud user portal, and go to Settings > Devices.
  6. Approve the device.
    The following message appears:
    Device Code in message
  7. Copy the Device Authorization Code and paste it into the authorization code field.
  8. Click Submit to log in.
  9. You are logged in and taken to the next Drive wizard screen, Download Limit.