FileCloud Drive Two-Factor Authentication

FileCloud Drive supports two-factor authentication (2FA) codes when your administrator enables 2FA in the FileCloud server. 

  • The code is required the first time a new device is connected.
  • Subsequent connections to the FileCloud Server will not require the code for login
  • This is because FileCloud Drive performs automatic re-logins as needed, and entering the code again is not necessary

(lightbulb)  Two-Factor authentication codes are required if the device record is removed by your Administrator from the Device Management panel

To log in when 2FA is enabled:

  1. When you log in to Drive for the first time, the dashboard appears as:

You receive your authentication code by the method configured by you administrator, such as email or SMS.

  1. Enter the code, and click Submit.
  2. You are logged in and taken to the next Drive wizard screen, Download Limit.
    After you log in once with the authentication code, you will be able to log in directly, without an authentication code.