Search for a File or Folder in File Browser

You can search in a folder that appears on the left or right side in File Browser

To search in File Browser:

  1. Select a folder in the left panel, and click Search in the menu bar. Then choose Search the Cloud for Files/Folders;

    Right-click a folder in the right panel, and choose Search;

    Right-click the system tray icon and choose Search the Cloud.

    A FileCloud search dialog box opens. It shows the folder path you selected.
  2. Enter a search term.
    Your search results are returned.
  3. Right-click a result, and choose Open directory to open the directory in File Browser if it is not already open.
    Right-click a result, and choose Open browser to open it in the FileCloud user portal.

Click Advanced Options to open advanced search options. For help using these options, see Search.