Step 2 Choose which cloud folders to sync

In the window for step 2, Cloud Storage, you choose which files to sync.

  1. Choose:
    • Sync Everything to sync all of your FileCloud files and folders.
    • Sync nothing and use only Document Editing mode to use Sync to edit your FileCloud files from your desktop without syncing changes with FileCloud.
    • Sync only selected folders to choose which folders' content to sync. If you choose this option, you are prompted to choose the folders to sync.  
      1. Click Add Folders.
        The Select Folders dialog box opens.
      2. For each folder that you want to sync, in My Files, Team Folders, or Shared with Me, navigate down to the folder, and choose Select.
  2. Click the right arrow to go to the window for Step 3, Network Folders.

After installation, you can change your sync options.