How Network Folder Offline Access Works

By default, My Files folders are synced automatically, and offline Network Folders are synced on a schedule of every 30 minutes.

Managed Folders (My Files or Team Folders)Offline Network Folders
Local Change DetectionImmediate: When Local File ChangesOn a specific schedule or manually
Remote Change DetectionChange detection of remote files is efficientChange detection of remote files is less efficient than with automatically synced folders


If a file is changed locally and also modified remotely, when the system is refreshed, the file is marked as "Conflicted" and is not uploaded to the server. The user must manually resolve the conflict.

Network Folder files may be synced offline by the sync app, similar to the way "My Files" are synced, but there are some fundamental differences. Network Folders live outside FileCloud and can be modified and changed outside of FileCloud (via the LAN for example). As a result, by default, FileCloud Sync does not know which files have been changed automatically.  Therefore it has to scan for changes and download the changed files locally.

To reduce the potential server load when working with lots of network files, offline sync works at regular intervals instead of real time. However, you can choose to sync individual Network Folders in real time. See Realtime syncing for Network Folders for more information.

Depending on how your administrator has configured syncing, you may not be able to make changes to Network Folders with offline access. If this is the case, if you attempt to make changes, you will see the message:

"Centralized Configuration is being applied. Settings cannot be changed. Please contact your administrator for assistance."

If you are an administrator, you can control how the Sync app interacts with the FileCloud Server. See Device Configuration XML For Sync for more information.