About FileCloud for Users

FileCloud is a software solution that provides your organization with file access, file sharing, and file synchronization, and gives you complete control of your data with unmatched security.

FileCloud supports how you work:

  Choose your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux OS)

Choose a mobile device to access files regardless of your location (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

  Choose which browser you want to use (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari)

  Mount your FileCloud data as a Windows drive

  Access files stored in FileCloud from your Microsoft applications

Choose the types of files you want to preview, sync and share (Adobe Illustrator, medical files, Microsoft WORD, Adobe PDF Reader, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Excel)

Although an administrator can configure these options differently, by default, you have the following storage and activity limits in the FileCloud system:



Max number of files in systemNo limit
Max number of folder in systemNo limit
Folder depth limitNone
Path limit

No limit imposed by FileCloud. However, If that path is synced, then windows OS has 256 character limit. Any folder/file name with path that exceeds 255 char will not be accessible via file explorers (Though the folder contents will sync)

Network shares' path cannot exceed 256 characters.

Please note that folder/file names of Excel files must not be longer than 218 characters: Excel specifications and limits

Single file upload limitNo limit
Single file download limitNo limit
Folder or Multi file download

Linux: No limit, but for >4GB, you must use the workaround instructions at File and Folder Issues

Windows: 4GB (zipped file size should not exceed 4GB)

User storage quota limitNone
Managed storage max single file size limitNone imposed by system
Folder upload limit (Drag and drop in browser)100 files or folder will be uploaded if a folder is uploaded using drag and drop (No limit if uploading using file/folder chooser)
Real time sync limit100000 files
ThumbnailNot shown for image files larger than 100MB