Accessing FileCloud

Your FileCloud administrator will provide you with a FileCloud account.

  • An administrator can configure FileCloud to allow you to create your own account.
  • An administrator can also configure FileCloud to require admin approval before connecting
  • You will notified by email when trying to connect (Admin approval pending) 

  • You will also be notified by email when the administrator has approved the device you are trying to connect with
  • Once an user account is created, it can be assigned different access levels.

What types of accounts are there?

Upon receiving your account details, you can access FileCloud in the following ways:

Note: This section is hidden as of 23.232 because it is not necessary for admins to see this info and it is difficult to maintain. Just saving in case we ever decide to add it back in.

Installed server software

You do NOT need to install the software listed in this section.

This software is only listed to inform you of what is installed by the FileCloud installation wizard.
The components are identified as either Required or Optional so you can plan on which optional components you will want to install.
All components can be managed after running the installation wizard using the FileCloud control panel.

Server Software

The following required software is automatically installed by FileCloud's Windows and Linux installers.

SoftwareRequired or OptionalMinimum VersionRecommended VersionFunctionality


2.4.58 and aboveCross-platform Web Server


8.2.12 in Linux and aboveServer-side scripting language designed for Web development


6.0.11Document database that is scalable and provides querying and indexing
PHP-MongoDB driverRequired1.14 and above1.14 and aboveProvides a minimal API for core driver functionality

Version included in the installer

Version included in the installerMemory object caching system that provides pre-caching of NTFS permissions and encryption
SourceGuardian PHP ExtensionOptional

Version included in the installer

Version included in the installerEncodes and secures PHP files

Enables content search with the following features:

  • Content search for file types such as txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx
  • Regex support for file/folder name searches

  Log into the User Portal 

  Install the Chrome Browser Extension so you can save to FileCloud

  Install the Gmail Extension

Access your data on the go!

  Apple iOS app 

  Android App

Don't want to use the browser? No problem!

Use a desktop client for Windows, Mac, or Linux OS.

  FileCloud Drive

  FileCloud Sync

  FileCloud Drive for Mac

  Use a WebDAV client

  What's the difference between FileCloud Drive and FileCloud Sync?

Working on a Microsoft document and don't want to leave?

Install the Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Install FileCloud for Office - This is an Office integration add-in for FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive clients. It supports automatic file-lock management, share management and version visibility for: 

  • Word 
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint