Email or Copy a Share Link

The Copy to Clipboard  button is available in FileCloud version 19.1 and later.

After you create a share, you can return to the Share Link window to email or copy the shared link again, or to open the share.

The Share Link window displays the share link with buttons next to it at the top of the window:

Copy link to clipboard

Click the Copy Link to Clipboard button to copy the link so you can include it in a file or email.

Open link in new window

Click Open Link in New Window to see what users see when they click on the link.

You can reopen the Share Link window and manually send an email to a user with the share link. This may be useful if you want to send them the link for a public share or if they have lost the link you originally sent them.

  1. Click the Email Link button.
    A message box that includes the link opens:
  2. In To Email enter the email addresses of the recipients
  3. In Message,enter a message. 
  4. Click Send Email.
    The recipients receive an email message similar to: