File Approval in iOS

The ability to request file approval is available beginning in FileCloud 21.2.

Users can send files to another user for approval and receive an approve or reject response. The response does not change the file's status; the person who requests approval can take any next action on the file whether it is approved or rejected.

From your iOS device, you can check if files have been sent to you for approval and if files you have sent for approval have been approved or rejected. You can approve, reject, or send a comment about a file that has been sent to you for approval, and you can exchange comments with an approver that you have sent a file to. 

To request approval of a file:

  1. Log into the FileCloud app and navigate to the file that you want to send for approval.
  2. Tap the more (3 dot) icon for the file, and then choose Send for Approval.

    A Send File for Approval dialog box opens.
  3. In Send to, enter the usernames or email addresses of existing FileCloud users.
  4. You may change the note in Message or leave the default of Please, approve this file.
  5. Tap Send.
    The approval is sent to the approvers' inboxes in FileCloud.
    Each approver will receive a notification alert, and can proceed to approve or reject the file.

Approving files in iOS

To check for approve activities on your iOS device:

  1. Log into the FileCloud app on your iOS device.
    A red dot overlays the menu icon in the upper-left corner to indicate that a file is awaiting your approval.
  2. Tap the menu icon.

    The navigation panel opens. A red dot with the number of files awaiting your approval overlays the Actions link.
  3. Tap the Actions link.

    The Actions screen opens to the Inbox tab. The Inbox tab shows files waiting for your approval.
    From here, you can either approve or reject a file, view details, add a comment, or preview it. 
  4. Tap the Sent tab to see files that you have sent for approval.
    Status is either Waiting for review, Rejected, or Approved.
    From here, you can preview the file, view details, or add a comment.

To approve or reject a file

  1. In your iOS device, go to the Actions screen.
  2. In the Inbox, tap the more (triple-dot) icon to the right of a file waiting for approval.

    Reject and Approve buttons pop up.
  3. Tap one of the buttons.

    The file disappears from your Inbox
    In the user portal, the user who sent the approval receives a notification of the approver's action.
    In the action screen of the user who sent the file for approval, the file appears in the Sent box as approved or rejected:

    The user can tap anywhere on the Sent message to view details about the approval.

To view details or comment on a file

You can view details and comment on a file, whether or not it has been acted on yet, in your Inbox or Sent tab. 

  1. In your iOS device, go to the Actions screen.
  2. Go to the tab where the file appears.
  3. Tap any blank area in the box for the file.

    Details of the file open. Comments are treated as actions, so any comment that has already been added appears under Activity.
  4. You may enter a comment into the Write a comment box at the bottom of the screen, and tap Add.

    In the user portal, the user who sent the file for approval receives a notification of the comment and can view the comment from there, or can view the comment in the approval request on their mobile device.

For instructions on approving or rejecting files in the user portal, see File Approval.