Minor FileCloud Releases and

March 30, 2023

These notes cover the releases of FileCloud Server version and FileCloud Client

To upgrade to this release version, you must perform a complete upgrade of FileCloud. 

See complete upgrade instructions:
For Windows: Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)
For Linux, for FileCloud installations currently at versions lower than 22.1: Upgrade FileCloud on Linux
For Linux, for FileCloud installations already at Version 22.1: Upgrade FileCloud on Linux from Version 22.1 to Version 22.1.1

Releases and fix these issues.
AreaReference numberDescription

2FACL-12746A problem preventing users from logging in to FileCloud using 2FA with DUO if they already existed in the DUO platform has been fixed.
Admin DashboardCL-12511The map of Morocco shown in Recent Access Locations on the admin portal dashboard has been updated.
ApacheCL-13056Apache has been upgraded to version 2.4.56 due to a security vulnerability in prior versions. 
AuthorizationCL-12328As Microsoft is replacing basic authentication with oAuth for emails sent using Office 365, FileCloud is now supporting oAuth as an SMTP authentication method. To use SMTP oAuth with FileCloud, you must use Azure as an authorization provider.
Automatic Account ApprovalCL-13032By default, accounts that were automatically created on login were created as Full, enabled accounts. To prevent accidental creation of accounts with too many privileges, by default, they are now created as Disabled accounts that require admin approval.
Community EditionCL-12957The maximum number of External users in FileCloud Community edition is now 10.
Editing filesCL-12765Due to an issue in PHP, when certain time zones were using Daylight Savings Time, files could not be edited in Web edit. This has been fixed in FileCloud.
FileCloud for Gmail extensionCL-12359The FileCloud for Gmail extensions was not allowing users to save an email attachment to FileCloud Team Folders. This has been fixed.
PHPCL-13040PHP has been upgraded to version 8.1.17 due to an issue with large file uploads using excessive CPU resources in earlier versions.
SecurityCL-13020Automatic account lockout for too many incorrect logins was not being triggered. This has been fixed.
SharesCL-12721When the date format was set to dd/MM/yyyy in the admin portal, share settings could not be changed. This has been fixed.
TranslationCL-13012An error in the Arabic translation for "upload file" has been fixed.
VPATCL-12835Several issues affecting accessibility in the My Files folder in the user interface have been fixed.
WorkflowsCL-12312An error causing the Disable account on new user creation workflow to run daily instead of when a new user was created has been fixed.

For automated workflows, the parameter values for share conditions (_share.pathStartsWith, _share.pathMatches, _share.pathContains) have been improved. In addition, fixes have been made so that conditions do not select private shares that do not contain any users.

WorkflowsCL-13033In automated workflows, users were able to copy script and paste it into a workflow. This has been fixed.

UploadCL-12964A problem causing a file upload in Drive to fail after the file's directory had been renamed has been fixed.

StatusCL-12701A problem causing the Sync icon to incorrectly indicate that the app was syncing has been fixed.

Server-only issue fixes
AreaReference numberDescription
Cookie settingsCL-12689If users attempted to upload when the httponly cookie flag is enabled, the upload was prevented and the user was logged out. This has been fixed.
CronCL-12954A problem causing the daily cron job to fail during the metadata health check routine has been fixed.
Network FoldersCL-12838When the contents of Network Folders were sorted by size, an error retrieving the file list occurred. This has been fixed.
Network FoldersCL-12697A problem causing Network Share errors for Network Shares that used NTFS permissions either if they were mounted on root drives or they were mounted anywhere and used the directory scraper has been fixed.
SearchCL-12750Searches in Network Folder with slow connections returned incorrect results. This has been fixed.
UpdateCL-12631The Windows Update tool was not detecting errors during mongodump and alerting users that the database was empty. This has been fixed.