FileCloud Version 22.1 Release Notes


New installation: Installing FileCloud Server         Upgrade Notes for FileCloud 22.1 
Note: A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.


Latest MD5 release checksums

  •  0185DA34739BAF0E909974DEA1EC5803
  • FileCloudSetup.exe  91DF6F65088F54E2267DE511FBF96E08

The November 2022 release of FileCloud (version 22.1) is now available.

Security Advisories

Upgrade to access new and enhanced features. Here are some highlights of the release:

  • Zero Trust File SharingSM - The FileCloud user portal now supports creating, opening, viewing, and, with permission, adding and deleting files from a zip file. Users may also password-protect zip files created in FileCloud to secure them as Zero Trust folders.
  • Hijri calendar support- FileCloud now supports displaying dates in Hijri format in the user portal and in FileCloud Drive.
  • AutoCAD viewer - Support for integrating with Autodesk Viewer for previewing AutoCAD files has been added.
  • Updated Team Folders UI - In the admin portal, the Team Folders screen and setup process have been simplified to make it easier to manage and create Team Folders. Other enhancements to Team Folders include recovery of deleted Team Folder files in the admin portal, and the ability to drag and drop files from file explorer or another application to a Team Folder in the admin portal or user portal. 
  • Two-factor authentication enhancements - The 2FA login process has been streamlined for TOTP and SMS. New external TOTP users, TOTP users who have not yet installed a TOTP authenticator app, and new SMS users have an updated interface with fewer screens and entries.

Zero Trust File SharingSM

The user portal now supports creating zip files, previewing and downloading the contents of zip files, and, if a user has write permission, adding and deleting contents from them. In addition, users can password protect zip files to create them as Zero Trust folders. Once files are encrypted and stored in this manner, the decryption key is unknown even to the FileCloud system and therefore not vulnerable to attacks.

Note that previewing is only available for jpg, png, pdf, txt, docx, pptx, and xlsx files.

Hijri calendar support

FileCloud now supports displaying dates in Hijri format.

To display dates in Hijri format in the FileCloud user portal as well as FileCloud Drive, in the admin portal, go to Settings > Misc > General and change Calendar Type from the default of Gregorian (English) to Hijri.

When you select Hijri, the options for Date Format and Time Format also change and are set to the defaults for Hijri. You may reset these values as well. Users may override any of these settings through the Settings screen in the user portal.

Note that the date format in the admin portal and in email notifications does not change.

AutoCAD viewer

Users are now able to preview AutoCAD files in the user portal using Autodesk Viewer. 

In order to enable this feature, admins are required to set up integration of FileCloud and Autodesk Viewer in both applications. See Setting Up AutoCAD File Preview with Autodesk Viewer for instructions.

Once integrated, when a user previews an AutoCAD file, it appears in Autodesk's Viewer:

Updated Team Folders user interface

Team folders have been updated to make it easier to create Team Folders and add contents to them. 

  • The first time admins enter the Team Folders screen, they can click a button to open a wizard that guides them through a simple process for setting up Team Folders.

  • The Team Folders interface in the admin portal has been updated to function similarly to the file folders interface in the user portal. Hovering over a Team Folder brings up a similar list of icons which users can click to perform shares and other actions on the folders, and actions that do not fit on the icon tray appear in a context menu accessed by clicking the More icon.
  • Files can now be dragged and dropped into a Team Folder in either the admin portal or the user portal by opening the folder and dragging the files into it.
  • Files deleted from a Team Folder in the user portal or in the admin portal can now be restored by an admin from the Deleted Files folder for the Team Folder. 
  • In addition, multiple files can now be added simultaneously to a Team Folder, and bulk actions can be performed on Team Folders.

Two-factor authentication enhancements

The user interfaces for logging in with two-factor authentication using TOTP and SMS have been streamlined.

After TOTP users download an authenticator app, they can scan a QR code and enter the verification code in the same screen. The interface has been further streamlined for new external users logging in with TOTP to require fewer steps when confirming their new account, scanning the QR code, and entering the verification code.

New SMS users can now enter their phone number, click Send Code, and enter their verification code in the same screen.

UI Changes in FileCloud 22.1

User Portal

  • Calendar Type - The Settings page now has a setting for choosing Calendar Type. Choices are Gregorian (default) and Hijri as described above under Hijri calendar support
  • Preview screen - The previewed file can be edited with the same Web edit/Office Online and Edit in Desktop applications that are available for editing the file from the file listing.

  • View options - In the main file listings, the list view/grid view toggle button has been replaced with options for list view, small grid view, medium grid view, and large grid view:

  • In the Add Files and Folders drop-down list, users now have an option to create a Zip file. See Zip file support, above for details.

Admin Portal

  • Max File Size Limit - In Settings > Policies, the User Policy tab of the Policy Settings dialog box now allows admins to set a maximum upload size. By default, the limit does not apply to uploads in Sync, Drive, and other non-web clients, but a setting is available for enforcing the limit in these clients.

  • Multiple file/folder selection - Multiple files and folders may now be selected in the admin portal.
  • Calendar Type - Settings > Misc > General now has a setting for choosing Calendar Type. Choices are Gregorian (English) (default) and Hijri, as described above under Hijri calendar support.
  • Account Locked checkbox - In the user details window, the Account Locked checkbox, which was only shown when an account was locked, now always appears. Admins can uncheck the box to unlock locked accounts of users with AD credentials or regular credentials.

  • DLP  - Smart DLP has the following new conditions:
    • filename contains is now included for downloads in the Rule Expression Builder. The condition can be used to return files with a specific string in their filename.
    • _share.onlyAllowedEmails is now included for shares in the Rule Expression Builder. The condition can be used to only allow shares with users whose emails are in the specified list.
  • Sync - In the admin portal's Device Management screen, admins can now select Sync devices and click the Command button to open a Send Config Command screen and enter the xml <cloudsync><refreshsync>1</refreshsync></cloudsync> to refresh Sync without changing the Sync configuration.

  • Reports - Due to updates to permissions, admin users may no longer have access to view and run certain reports. The admin dashboard no longer displays reports that the logged-in admin user does not have access to.
  • Users - Limited users are now referred to as External users.

  • User details - Now there is a reset button for Last Login. Admins can click the reset button to clear the user's Last Login date. When the system sees a cleared Last Login date, it treats the user as if they have never logged in.

  • SIEM - A new LEEF Message Delimiter field now appears in Settings > Third Party Integrations > SIEM when users choose LEEF as the SIEM Message Format.  The LEEF Message Delimiter field enables users to choose the correct delimiter for their SIEM tool.
  • Licenses - For SPLA licenses the number of all licenses is now shown as Base instead of Total to reduce confusion if Used licenses exceed the number of Base licenses.

  • Max File Size Limit (Network Folders) - In Settings > Storage > Network, a Max File Size Limit setting now enables admins to set a maximum size for network shares. By default, the limit does not apply to uploads in Sync, Drive, and other non-web clients, but a setting is available for enforcing the limit in these clients.

Client Apps

  • Sync - A Refresh Now option has been added to the Help page of the Sync Dashboard to enable users to clear their Sync database and sync again.

Upgrade FileCloud Server on Linux

Information for Admins

  • Once FileCloud upgrade is complete, refresh the browser using CTRL-F5 to clear any prior setup information from the cache.
  • If your installation of FileCloud uses admin portal user access restrictions, please see Restricting Access To Admin UI Based On IP Addresses for updated instructions.
  • FileCloud support is ending for Windows Server 2012 R2 with this release.
    If you are using Cloud Enterprise Server and Windows 2012, please migrate your FileCloud site to Windows 2016 or 2019.
  • FileCloud support is ending for Debian with this release.
    If you are using Debian, we recommend installing FileCloud in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or migrating your existing installation to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
  • Instructions for installing and updating FileCloud on all Linux distros have changed. Please do not use previous instructions, but follow those at:
    Installation of FileCloud on Linux Using the Repository and Upgrade FileCloud on Linux.
  • In this release, to mount new Network Folders or to change the mount path of existing Network Folders, a setting for enabling Network Folders must be set to true. Network Folders created prior to this release remain active. In addition, a setting for blocking paths from configuration as Network Folders has been added. By default C:/xampp and c$/xampp are included on this block list for Windows and /var/www/html is included for Linux, but additional paths may be added.  See  Create a LAN-Based Network Folder for more information.
  • If you are working in a Linux environment, the logs for a file integrity check workflow may indicate that the workflow cannot detect the file type (and therefore cannot perform the integrity check), if there is an issue with the locale settings. Run the following commands to fix this:
    rm -f /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
    locale-gen --no-archive
    locale-gen --no-archive en_US.utf8

    If you are using any additional locale settings (for example ru_RU.utf8), run:

    locale-gen --no-archive ru_RU.utf8

    Note: It is important that you include the --no-archive flag.

  • The instructions for updating OCR on Ubuntu have changed. See Enabling Solr OCR.
  • To improve security, to initially access the API, you must now change the default API key. If you do not change it, when you enter a command to call the API, an error is returned.
    Note: You are only required to change the default API key initially; after that, you can continue to use the new key you entered.
  • The Windows Update Tool sets the following files back to their defaults. If you have added custom configurations, you must add them back in after update:

  • In order for a DLP rule using Request country equals (country code) to function, you must have the admin setting Show Geo IP Chart set to True. Now when you choose the condition, a pop-up notification reminds you to enable the Geo IP chart setting.
  • When you are running FileCloud Sync in Advanced Offline Sync mode using a local to remote sync, files that are deleted locally are no longer deleted remotely during sync. 
  • Permissions for reports have been updated so that users can only run and view reports they have the correct RBAC permissions for viewing. Therefore, some promoted admin users will lose access to reports that they have been able to view and run in previous versions.
  • To integrate FileCloud with Autodesk Viewer go to Setting Up AutoCAD File Preview with Autodesk Viewer.
  • The following information and workaround may help resolve failed SSO logins for members of AD limit groups:

    During login with SAML SSO for a member of an AD limit group, FileCloud checks the login user's FileCloud Group name to see if they are a member of the limit group; however, Azure AD cannot send the Group name so login fails. Azure AD can send the Group ID to FileCloud, which can be used instead. To do this, save the Group ID in the SAML Settings in FileCloud, and add a custom claim parameter in Azure AD that sends the Group ID value when a member of the AD limit groups logs in with SAML SSO, so the two Group ID values can be matched, and log in is permitted.

    To get the group's Group ID (also called the Object ID), in Azure AD:
      1. Log in to the the Azure Portal Dashboard, and click Azure Active Directory.
      2. Click Groups, and then click the Group to limit the login to.
      3. Open the Overview screen for the group and locate the Object ID field:

        In FileCloud, go to SAML Settings, and in Limit Login to Idp Group, enter the Object Id.
      4. Then, in Azure AD, go to the Enterprise Applications screen, and choose the FileCloud application.
      5. In the navigation pane, click Single sign-on.
      6. Scroll down to Attributes & Claims and click Edit.
      7. Click Add a group claim.
        A Group Claims form opens in the right panel.
      8. In Source attribute, choose Group ID.
      9. Check Customize the name of the group claim.
      10. In Name, enter memberof, and in Value, enter user.groups (which is equal to Object Id).

        Now memberof will be sent to FileCloud with the value of the user group, and when FileCloud compares it with the Idp Group, the values match, so FileCloud will allow the login.
      11. For ADFS, add an additional claim parameter (Token-Groups - Unqualified Names > memberof) during ADFS configuration.
  • Users may need to be aware of the following limitation of direct links:
    For Team Folders, direct links to files in sub-folders that are created by users who have access to the parent folder and sub-folder will not work for users who only have access to the sub-folder, because the links will include the parent folder path, which does not exist in the file structure of those users. 
  • Users should be informed that FileCloud no longer supports editing .doc, .xls, and .ppt files in Web Edit; instead, Office files must be in .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx format to be editable in Web Edit. In Desktop Edit, users may still edit .doc, .xls, and .ppt files.
  • Files opened in Drive appeared empty when the users roaming profile was redirected using FSLogix (FSLogix Overview - FSLogix | Microsoft Learn). A work-around for this issue is configuring Drive to store its cache folder so that it is not redirected via FSLogix.


Reference Number

AreaFeature Notes

CL-89682FA, SMSNow, when a user attempts to log in using Twilio for SMS 2FA, the user must set up 2FA, and the phone number is immediately validated. If it is invalid, it is not saved, which enables the user to reenter it.
CL-11806AccessibilityVPAT compliance has been enhanced with the addition of accessible rich internet applications (ARIA) attributes.
CL-8267Account lockThere is now a checkbox in the user details box that is checked when a user account is locked and can be unchecked by the admin to force the user account to unlock. This enables forcing an unlock of an AD account, but can be used to unlock all accounts. Non-AD accounts can also still be unlocked by the admin changing the password.
CL-10850Admin loginFor clarity, the admin portal login now shows the label "Admin Login" instead of "Login".
CL-5261Admin interfaceMulti-select has been added for files and folders in the admin portal.
CL-9456Content classification engineA new classifier has been added to CCE (smart classification) to recognize Singapore NRICs in file content.
CL-11939DirectoryDirectory listing of path custom/css/ has been restricted.
CL-10603DLPA new DLP rule returns files with a specific text string in the filename.
CL-11419DLPA new DLP rule returns users with emails from a specified list.
CL-11178EmailX-Mailer headers have been removed from email to avoid displaying potentially exploitable information.

In Settings > Email, if users were added to the "Do Not Email" list, they still received high priority emails, but if "Send emails to users regardless of Do Not Email list" was checked, the users received all emails.
This has been changed.  Now,  if users are added to the "Do Not Email" list, they do not receive any emails, and there are two "Ignore Do Not Email list" options: 
     - Ignore only for high priority emails - Sends high priority emails to users on the "Do Not Email" list.

     - Ignore for all emails - Sends all emails to users even if they are on the "Do Not Email" list.

CL-10266File uploadAdmins may now use a policy setting to limit the max file size users can upload.
CL-11358File uploadWhen internet connection is lost during file or folder upload, the upload now automatically resumes when the connection is restored.
CL-10966LicenseSPLA license information is now shown on the admin portal dashboard.
CL-7660LocksUsers can now create file locks that expire later the same day.
CL-9788PreviewWhen a file is previewed, Desktop Edit and Web Edit options now appear in the preview screen.
CL-10606ReportsPermissions for reports have been updated to be in line with RBAC permissions. Now, admins can only view and run reports that they have the correct RBAC permissions for viewing. 
CL-11643Resume uploadTo enable admins to resume partial uploads, a setting has been added for specifying the number of hours the partially uploaded data should be stored before deleting.
CL-11768SearchThe User Account Search Mode setting, which specifies whether or not to only show exact matches of user emails entered, now applies when searching for a user email to add a user to an approval/approval workflow as well as when searching for a user email to add to a share.
CL-10295SecurityThe comment field for files and folders has been changed from unrestricted length to 256 characters to prevent use of comment lengths that could slow down the server.
CL-10365SharesIn public shares, there is now a share button beside the password for copying the link and password to the clipboard. 
CL-10128SharesExpiry date is now included in exports of user shares from the admin dashboard.
CL-11599SIEMIn the Third Party Integrations > SIEM tab, when users choose LEEF as the SIEM message format, they now have the option of choosing "whitespace" or "tab" as the delimiter between key/value pairs.
CL-11530SSLThe cipher that we ship with FileCloud has been updated to a stronger one.
CL-10941SSO, Direct linkWhen a user who logged in with SSO is logged out of FileCloud, direct links to shares continue to work since the user is still logged in to the SSO provider.
CL-5033Team foldersMultiple files can now be uploaded simultaneously into Team folders. 
CL-9655Team foldersWhen the upload button is used to upload a file in Team folders, a status bar is now displayed to show the progress of the upload.
CL-11305,ThumbnailsIn Settings > Misc > User, Medium Thumbnails and List View have been added as  options to Default Grid View Settings.
CL-11045ThumbnailsIn the user portal, the grid view/list view toggle button has been been changed to a drop-down list with the options: List, Small Grid, Medium Grid, and Large Grid.
CL-11661UsersThe term "Limited User" has been changed to "External User" to correspond with the change in the license name from "Limited License" to "External License."
CL-10519Web editWeb edit options have been renamed in the user portal to indicate where the file will be opened, for example, Open in Desktop, Edit Online, Open with Office Online.
CL-10736WOPIVisio files can now be viewed in Office Online.
CL-10011WorkflowThe delete inactive users workflow deleted new users if they had not yet logged into their accounts; now it only deletes users who have previously logged into their accounts but have not logged in for the specified number of days.
CL-7879WorkflowA workflow "then" action has been added that clears locks on files.
CL-10496WorkflowAn "exclude" parameter has been added to the "If file was not modified for specified days" workflow so that users can include all paths in a folder except specific ones.

CL-10783Mount path labelThe <useuniquemountlabel> config parameter, which showed the username as the mount path label in content explorer, now shows the display name.
CL-10890, CL-10901TranslationsAll notifications now appear translated into Arabic when the system language is set to Arabic.

CL-11139Advanced Offline SyncIn Advanced Offline Sync mode, when sync is set to "local to remote," a file deleted locally is no longer deleted remotely.  
CL-10369Central device managementA checkupdate field has been added so that admins can now set Sync to automatically check for updates on startup.
CL-10383Delete foldersA setting has been added that enables users to delete local folders when they are removed from selective sync.
CL-10935RefreshIn the Manage Devices screen in the admin portal, and in the Sync app's help screen, refresh Sync commands have been added for performing a manual resync.
CL-10570Sync folderThe ability to create a new folder when changing the local Sync folder has been added.
CL-11090UploadSync backup did not stop running when a user's upload quota was exceeded, which could cause large numbers of failed uploads. The backup operation has been changed to stop once a user's upload quota is exceeded.
Sync and Drive

CL-10797Loading screenLoading indicators are now displayed while Sync and Drive are loading after being started.

Server-only Enhancements

Reference Number


CL-10013ApacheThe Apache version has been updated to 2.4.54.
CL-11179ApacheThe Server:Apache header has been removed from http responses to avoid disclosing server technology details.
CL-3394ApacheWhen Apache ran, a command prompt appeared. This has been fixed.
For customers using FileCloud prior to version 22.1 and for version 22.1 users who are not running Apache as a service, a workaround may be required to avoid displaying the command prompt. See Apache Displays Command Prompt.

CL-10937Audit archivingAudit archiving has been improved to run more quickly.
CL-12607fcorchestratorminimist has been upgraded to version 1.2.6.
CL-12020LibreOfficeLibreOffice has been upgraded to version
CL-11126Log filesTo help keep server log storage from becoming too large, a setting has been added to specify a size at which server log files are split, and another setting has been added to avoid saving old log files as zip files.
CL-10711Message queueWhen items in the message queue are more than 7 days old, a notification now tells users to check if the message queue is running. In addition, a setting is provided to change the number of days.
CL-10965Message queueThe default amount of time before the message queue not running alert appears has been increased to decrease false alerts.
CL-11838MongoDBMongoDB has been upgraded to version 4.4.
CL-11609MongoDBTwo tools have been added to enable encryption of the MongoDB password so that it does not appear in the config file.
CL-11073SecurityTo eliminate potential bypass of security controls when mounting Network Folders, settings have been added to block specified paths as mount paths (C://xampp is blocked by default) and to enable mounting Network Folders (this is disabled by default).  
CL-10703SSLIn the SSL Installer window, the SSL Intermediate Certificate file is now required, not optional. This will prevent some failures of the application to connect to the Server and failures of URL verification.
CL-10931ToolsThere is now a tool for exporting admin user roles and groups to other sites in a multi-tenant system.
-----DebianDebian is no longer supported in FileCloud.

CL-10190File browsingIn MacOS, the browser for finding a network folder, which opened to the FileCloud root folder, has been replaced with a Finder-style dialog box that opens to the Network Folder path.

Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberAreaDescription

CL-122372FAWhen an admin portal 2FA code email was resent, it did not contain the 2FA code. This has been fixed.
CL-11489AccountsA problem causing account deletion to fail has been fixed.
CL-10985ADWhen AD was authenticated and the main admin tried to reset the password from the admin login page, an error was returned. This has been fixed.
CL-10387ADWhen an AD configuration that used AD suffix was changed to use AD prefix, some users were unable to log in. This has been fixed.
CL-10897, CL-11125ADProblems causing AD group import to fail have been fixed.
CL-11173ADAD group import was only importing the first 10499 users in large groups. This has been fixed.
CL-8806ADA problem causing Cron to autosync groups when autosync was disabled has been fixed.
CL-11237ADAD group sync was not including details in the audit log if a user from one AD group was moved to another AD group and then AD syncing occurred. This has been fixed.
CL-11484ADA promoted admin with full privileges was unable to import an AD group. This has been fixed.
CL-11006Admin rolesThe Manage Admin Role dialog box allowed users to attempt to add a limited user to a role. Now limited users are hidden from the search so they cannot be selected to add to a role.
CL-11128Admin UIThe admin portal was reloading slowly. This has been fixed.
CL-10882Admin usersThe Switch to Admin portal option was missing in FileCloud Version 21.3. It now appears in the user drop-down list.
CL-11149AuditWhen a PDF was downloaded, audit records recorded it as previewed. It is now recorded as downloaded.
CL-10296AuthorizationUnauthorized users were potentially able to delete system toasts and add new notification filters. This has been fixed.
CL-10639Automated workflowsIf a network folder specified in a workflow was renamed, the workflow did not convert the folder name for certain actions. This has been fixed.
CL-10026Automated workflowsAn issue causing the number of approvals on the Wait for Approval step to be reset to 0 has been fixed.
CL-10973Automated workflowsA problem causing automated workflows with multiple wait for approval steps to fail when an approval was given has been fixed.
CL-10997Automated workflowsA problem causing a workflow to be triggered each time a user viewed its details in the user portal has been fixed.
CL-10141Automated workflowsWhen a user chose a path for an action in an automated workflow, the folder picker defaulted to My Files instead of All Files. This has been fixed.
CL-10995BrowserA problem causing the FileCloud browser to fail to adjust to a laptop's resolution and scale has been fixed.
CL-10737CustomizationIn customizations, when the logo was changed, the change was not shown automatically and the admin UI had to be refreshed. This has been fixed.
CL-10786DeleteDeleting files and/or folders using the bulk delete button required a refresh before the change appeared. This has been fixed.
CL-11104DeleteWhen Enable Recyclebin Clear Feature is set to No in a user's policy, the delete option should only not appear for files in the recycle bin, but it was missing as an option for all files. This has been fixed.
CL-10954DeleteA delete confirmation box did not appear when users chose the Delete option from the More icon. This has been fixed.
CL-10751Direct linkWhen a direct link to a folder was clicked on a slow connection, the redirect to the folder failed. This has been fixed.
CL-11794Direct linkA problem preventing a direct link from being copied from a share in Safari has been fixed.
CL-11515DLPDLP rules blocked allowed domains if they were in a different case. Now the allowed domains in DLP rules are case insensitive.
CL-11783DLPThe spelling of the DLP expression _request.inIpV4CdirRange has been corrected to _request.inIpV4CidrRange to correctly spell the term "Cidr." 
CL-11590DownloadA problem causing diacritic letters in filenames to be downloaded as other characters has been fixed.
CL-11782Download and previewA problem causing downloads and previews of uploaded files with long filenames to fail has been fixed.
CL-10836Drag and dropWhen the browser window was significantly reduced, drag and drop of subfolders did not work. This has been fixed.
CL-11031EmailIn the classic UI, when a user tried to log in to an account that was not yet active and clicked Resend Verification Email, the email sent included the user name. This has been fixed.
CL-11017File integrityAn issue causing the create and modified dates of files to be changed when they were moved to a new folder in FileCloud has been fixed.
CL-11978File integrityModification time was changed when a folder was moved or renamed. This has been fixed.
CL-11037File versioningDeleting and restoring file versions was not working correctly. These actions have been fixed.
CL-11473Filter, User interfaceWhen users accessed "My Files" the filter was automatically filled with the username, causing no files to appear in the list. This has been fixed.
CL-11093FoldersIn the user portal, the Folder Permissions list only displays one page of results. This has been fixed so the list has pagination.
CL-11147Forgot passwordThe forgot password option was not appearing on the login page for the Community Edition of FileCloud. This has been fixed.
CL-10898Google DocsGoogle Docs did not appear in the options under a share if a share with the same name was shared to the user from a different path. This has been fixed.
CL-10845Google DocsA problem causing shares launched from Google Apps to require Google Apps permissions has been fixed.
CL-10860GroupsAfter a user assigned a new policy to a user group, it reverted back to the default policy. This has been fixed.
CL-11513GroupsA problem preventing groups from being deleted from the admin portal has been fixed.
CL-11141GroupsAfter a user was deleted, the user still appeared as a group admin. This has been fixed.
CL-12078Incomplete uploadsA problem causing incomplete uploads to fail to be deleted has been fixed.
CL-10456LocksWhen locks were disabled in the admin portal, the option to lock/unlock a file still appeared in the user portal. This has been fixed.
CL-11528LogoAfter updating, a customer saw the default favicon in the admin login screen instead of their custom one. This has been fixed.
CL-11942LoginAn error message briefly appeared on the admin user interface when an admin logged in, although login was successful. This has been fixed.
CL-10731MetadataThe Save button for default and built-in metadata, which had no function, has been removed.
CL-10977MetadataAn issue editing and saving default and predefined values in enum custom metadata attributes has been fixed.
CL-10899MetadataIn the user portal metadata panel, when a new date was chosen for a metadata attribute, the new date did not appear in the field until Save was clicked. Now the new date appears as soon as it is selected.
CL-10964MetadataIn custom metadata sets, the tag values and any array values entered when the metadata sets were created were sometimes deleted. This has been fixed.
CL-11675MetadataWhen users tried to add groups to metadata sets, the selection box only showed the first 10 groups. This has been fixed.
CL-11278MS Access filesAn issue preventing viewing of MS Access files has been fixed.
CL-11578MS TeamsWhen a user logged in to FileCloud through MSTeams using SSO, the user was not returned to the MSTeams window and login failed. This has been fixed.
CL-10380PasswordAn issue causing the forgot password reset action on the admin portal to work incorrectly has been fixed.
CL-11091PasswordWhen users with mixed case emails tried to reset their passwords, the system saw the email as invalid and didn't send the reset message. This has been fixed.
CL-11217, CL-11188PasswordPasswords and reset password codes were shown in audit database records. This has been fixed.
CL-11040Phone numberWhen a user tried to update another user's phone number, the operation was unsuccessful, as expected, but the message reported that the phone number was updated. This has been fixed.
CL-11043PreviewA problem causing preview of tga files to fail has been fixed.
CL-12178PreviewAn issue causing FileCloud to create so many temp files that the disk quota was exceeded has been fixed.
CL-11886Recycle binWhen users tried to clear a recycle bin for a smart mount network folder, an error was returned. This has been fixed.
CL-11522, CL-11094Recycle bin, CronA problem causing requests to empty the recycle bin and delete old versions of files to time out has been fixed.

Recycle binWhen My Files was disabled, users could still access the Deleted Files page, which was confusing because they couldn't view any Deleted Files content. Now if My Files is disabled, the Delete Files page is not accessible.
CL-9928ReportsA problem causing sites to crash when the Get Deleted Files report was run has been fixed.
CL-10827ReportsThe "Get the effective permissions for team folders" report was not displaying the effective permission of a shared sub-folder if its parent folder was not shared. This has been fixed.
CL-10344ReportsIn the "Get Files/Folders Shared with User" report, the email of the user was treated as case sensitive. This has been fixed.
CL-11523Retention policiesA problem causing the right panel to show "invalid date" for retention policies if the system date was in some non-default formats has been fixed.
CL-11363Retention policiesThe Cron job for a Trash Retention policy that applied to a large number of files continued to run after 24 hours. This has been fixed
CL-11488Retention policiesA problem with retention policies moving folders and their entire contents to archive folders when some of the files were not expired has been fixed; now the retention policy on the folder has the maximum expire date of any content it stores.
CL-11547SearchIssues causing advanced search to fail to return all results, and causing the search scroll bar to fail to appear have been fixed.
CL-10734Share approvalIn the notification that a share was waiting for approval, the link to the share was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-12091Share pathWhen one of the paths in a group of shared paths at the same sub-level was renamed, the other paths were also renamed. This has been fixed.
CL-11138Shared with meAfter updating to FileCloud 21.3.4, when a customer tried to access the Shared with Me folder, an error was returned. This has been fixed. 
CL-10605SharesWhen the Manage Share dialog box was opened for a publicly shared folder, the link to the share did not navigate correctly. This has been fixed.
CL-10812SharesWhen Delete Files from Expired Shares was enabled, if there were multiple shares of the same files, some expired and some not expired, the files were deleted. This has been fixed so that files are not deleted if there are some existing shares.
CL-10906SharesWhen a user had more than 100 shares under Shared with Me, all of the shares were not listed. This has been fixed.
CL-9521SharesAlthough "Attach Share Password by Default" was enabled in settings, the Attach Share Password checkbox in the Send Share Link via Email dialog box was not checked. This has been fixed.
CL-11122SharesAn issue preventing a file from being shared with a user unless a phone number and display name were included has been fixed.
CL-11436SharesDue to an occasional delay in the Invite button popping up when an unknown email address is added to a share, the "Invite" button now appears if the user clicks Search after entering the email address. 
CL-11891SharesWhen automatic account approval was set to "2" (automatic account creation as Guest user) the new user did not receive an email invitation. This has been fixed.
CL-11931SharesWhen a file was shared with a user with view as the only permission, in Shared with Me, permission was as expected (view only) but in Recent Documents it had additional permissions. This has been fixed.
CL-12069SharesA problem causing the share dialog box to continue to load after a share was created has been fixed.
CL-12195SharesAn issue causing the share password to appear incorrectly in the share email has been fixed.
CL-11418SIEMSIEM audit output was not displaying quotes that appeared in commands. The quotes now appear.
CL-12168SSOWhen a session in the Web browser timed out, if there was a session for the same login in a client device, when the user logged back in to the Web browser, the session on the client device ended. This has been fixed.
CL-12372SSOWhen an admin user who used SSO login was disabled, the user was blocked from logging in to the user portal, but could still log in to the admin portal. This has been fixed.
CL-10969ThemesIn the user portal, customization of primary color in light theme was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-10488TranslationsWhen the user portal language was set to German, the file listing page for Shared with Me appeared in English. This has been fixed.
CL-10816, CL-11642TranslationsIncorrect Arabic and Chinese translations have been fixed.
CL-11545TranslationsAn issue causing the audit logs to show folder and file path with incorrect characters for traditional/simplified Chinese has been fixed.
CL-11174TranslationsWords in the French translation had incorrect letters with diacritical marks. This has been fixed.
CL-11616UpdateAn issue causing custom SIEM files to not be maintained when FileCloud was updated has been fixed.
CL-10996UploadWhen an upload failed and was restarted through the file operations screen, it was uploaded to the wrong location. This has been fixed.
CL-11002UploadAfter a file with a forbidden extension was not uploaded, subsequent files, which had valid extensions, were not uploaded. This has been fixed.
CL-11071User interfaceAdobe Illustrator files were shown with an Adobe Acrobat icon. This has been fixed.
CL-11369User interfaceWhen a folder contained more than 70 subfolders, the user interface had trouble listing all of them. This has been fixed.
CL-10942User interfaceThe Locked Files and Folders list did not include pagination, so only the first 20 items were available to be viewed. Pagination has been added.
CL-11288User interfaceWhen a user scrolls down a long list of Team Folders or Network Folders, the user interface hangs. This has been fixed.
CL-11660User interfaceA problem causing the user interface to vibrate or break at a low resolution has been fixed.
CL-12030User interfaceWhen screen resolution was low, not all files in Shared with Me were listed. This has been fixed.
CL-10770User interfaceThe Secure Docs and Folder Permissions options were shown in the user menus for External (Limited) users although they could not use those options. They have been removed.
CL-11766UsernameIn the admin portal, when the username was the same as the user's email, the "@" appeared as "%40". This has been fixed.
CL-11010UsersIn the User details box in the admin portal, the Admin User checkbox no longer had a function, so has been removed.
CL-10316Web editA problem allowing a user to open a file for Web edit even if the file was already open has been fixed.
CL-10261Web editOffice files in the format .doc, .xls, and .ppt were not always opening correctly for Web edit. Now, these files can only be edited in desktop edit, and Office files must be in .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx format to be available for Web edit.
CL-10367WOPIAn issue causing the Save As operation to fail for Excel files in Office Online has been fixed.
CL-10983WOPIThe Open File Location icon was not working in the OnlyOffice editor. This has been fixed.
CL-10930WOPIWOPI apps and OnlyOffice were not allowing coauthoring. This has been fixed.
CL-11176WorkflowWhen a user created a new workflow on Firefox and attempted to add a new variable, an error occurred. This has been fixed.
CL-11980WorkflowIn the user portal, users could see automated workflows that were created by other users and not shared with them. This has been fixed.
CL-12327WorkflowThe "If a user's last login is older than" workflow was not sending emails to users that their accounts would be deactivated. This has been fixed.
CL-9945WorkflowFile integrity workflows were finding files with extensions that did not match content, and recording them as deleted in the log files, but not deleting them. This has been fixed.
CL-11678WorkflowThe "Delete after download" workflow was not deleting the file if the user downloaded a share. This has been fixed.
CL-11633WorkflowWhen the workflow to disable a user account that had not logged in for x number of days was run, if the user was re-enabled but didn't log in, they were disabled again by the workflow that night. Now the number of days is reset automatically, so the user is not deleted. In addition, a reset button has been added to the User Details screen next to last login.
Drive and MacDrive

CL-10784ActivitiesAlthough the language was set to Arabic, Drive activity was shown in English. This has been fixed.
CL-10311DeleteIf a file was deleted while it was being downloaded, the delete was not successful. This has been fixed.
CL-10761EmailEmails sent from Drive displayed %'s where blanks should appear. This has been fixed.
CL-11967InstallationFileCloud Drive installation failed; in addition, the installation was not rolled back. These issues have been fixed. 
CL-11439LocksWhen a file in Drive was saved multiple times within a few seconds, it was not unlocked. This has been fixed.
CL-10772NotificationsPop-up notifications showed old messages before showing new ones, which was confusing. This has been fixed.
CL-11263PasswordWhen a user's password was changed, if Drive was running, it did not automatically log out and require the user to log in with the new password. This has been fixed.
CL-9390Restore filesRestoring files was not working if they were in a folder structure that no longer existed in the restore location. This has been fixed. The files and their folder structure are now restored.
CL-11658SSOSSO login for Drive failed if the username had a space in it. This has been fixed.
CL-10914Status updateThe Status Update window was showing file actions from several days earlier. This has been fixed.
CL-10712Team foldersThe size of files that could be uploaded to Team Folders was limited by the user quota even if Team Folders had an unlimited quota. A setting has been added to enable uploads to Team Folders beyond the user quota size.
CL-10869UploadWhen upload permission was checked for a share, delete permission was automatically selected but not saved. Now, when upload permission is checked for a share, delete permission is not automatically selected.
CL-11157UploadA problem in Drive allowing files with invalid names to be uploaded has been fixed.
CL-10892VPNWhen Drive started automatically during Windows startup, when the user connected to the VPN, Drive crashed. This has been fixed.

CL-11659SSO LoginWhen MacDrive failed to perform an SSO login, the Mac OS crashed. This has been fixed.
CL-12051Date modifiedMacDrive gave some files a modified date of Dec 31, 1969. This has been fixed.
-----MacOS Ventura

FileCloud Drive versions below 22.1 do not support MacOS Ventura. If you are using MacOS Ventura, please install or upgrade to FileCloud Drive 22.1.


CL-10595Active Sync hoursActive Sync hours only worked correctly when the hours were within the same day. This has been fixed so that the active time works correctly when the hours are spread over two days.
CL-10988Automatic startupSync was configured to start automatically with system start, but failed to do so after updating from 21.2 to 21.3. This has been fixed.
CL-10830BackupInstead of showing the correct backup disk usage, Sync displayed 0 B as backup disk usage. This has been fixed.
CL-11869BackupWhen a user backed up in the startup wizard for Sync, the settings for backing up files were sometimes changed. This has been fixed.

In Sync,  DocIQ did not automatically unlock a file after it was saved as another file. This has been fixed.

CL-10746Error messagesThe main dashboard in Sync showed details of download failures, but the mini dashboard did not. Now the mini dashboard also shows details of download failures. 
CL-10413FoldersWhen a user did not have sync permission for one subfolder of a folder, the entire folder contents could not be synced. This has been fixed so that only the subfolder without permission cannot be synced.
CL-11137ICAP DLPICAP DLP was not recording the name of the file scanned in the audit logs. This has been fixed.
CL-11882InstallationInstallation checked if Office apps were running and required them to be stopped even if DocIQ was not being installed. Now, there is no Office app check if DocIQ is not being installed. 
CL-10999MenusThe right-click context menu was not working when the Sync language was not English. This has been fixed.
CL-10924Mini dashboardThe mini dashboard was not getting the activity list when it was initially opened, so it showed no activities. Now when the mini-dashboard is opened, it gets and displays the list of activities.
CL-10727New versionThe update prompt appeared as a toast on the Sync interface instead of in a separate dialog box. This has been fixed.
CL-11621OneDriveWhen OneDrive was installed and enabled, Sync took the OneDrive document folder as the default installation folder. This has been fixed.
CL-11899Proxy fieldThe default text in the Proxy Server URL field included https: which was misleading because the proxy host must be specified without https:. This has been fixed.
CL-11443Selective syncSelective sync was not working when My Files was disabled. This has been fixed.
CL-10893ShortcutThe CTRL-Shift-K (delete a line) shortcut on some apps was being overridden by the Sync tray app. This has been fixed.
CL-11405SyncA problem causing a locally modified file not to sync remotely has been fixed.
CL-10203Sync folderWhen users clicked Change to change the Sync folder in the wizard, it opened a modal showing their system root folder, which was confusing. Now it opens file explorer.
CL-11868Sync folderWhen users changed the Sync folder, it no longer showed \FileCloud as part of the folder path. This has been fixed.
CL-11536Sync folderWhen users changed the Sync folder to a sub-folder of the old Sync path, multiple sub-folders were created. To prevent this, Sync no longer allows users to change the Sync folder to a sub-folder of the old Sync path.
CL-10902Team foldersAfter Sync was updated, Team Folders was not listed and the Sync Now button was missing. This has been fixed.
CL-11020UpgradeWhen the Sync folder was changed to a non-default folder and Sync was upgraded to 21.2 or 21.3, the Sync folder was changed back to the default folder. This has been fixed.
CL-10944WarningsWhen the language was not English, if a user clicked on warnings in the mini dashboard, the activities page in the main dashboard opened but was blank; this has been fixed.
Drive and Sync


DocIQ in Drive, Sync, and add-ons was not removing locks if users opened a new file in Word without closing the previous one. This has been fixed.

CL-10939TranslationIn German, the English word "activity" was translated as "activität" instead of "aktivität." This has been fixed.
CL-11066VersionsThe command prompts listed the wrong versions. This has been fixed.

CL-10793Upload, shareA problem causing the Outlook add-in to fail to upload a file and share it has been fixed. 
CL-11023ShareOn a private share, the username had to be entered several times before it was found. This has been fixed.
CL-11670StartupAn error causing Outlook to fail to start after initial installation has been fixed.
CL-10888UploadA problem causing the Outlook upload progress bar to fail to close after upload has been fixed.
Desktop Edit

CL-10073LockingWhen a user shut down their system after editing a file in Desktop Edit, the lock remained on the file. This has been fixed.
CL-12058LoginWhen a user changed their password and re-logged in to Desktop Edit, it would not start. This has been fixed.

CL-10714, CL-11435Login

Log in for external (limited) users did not work correctly. This has been fixed.

CL-11345SSOSSO was failing in mobile clients when the username was the email. This has been fixed.
CL-11870TOSAn issue enabling users to bypass the terms of service has been fixed.
CL-11589UploadA problem causing upload to fail in iOS has been fixed.

Server-only Bug Fixes

Reference NumberAreaDescription

CL-11664APITo improve security, admins must change the default API key in order to successfully access the API. See the note in Information for Admins.
CL-11953AzureSetting up a GovCloud Azure Blob container as a Network Folder was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-11508BackupWhen users tried to open Office files that were restored from the Backup Server, an error message prompting for recovery was displayed. This has been fixed.
CL-11937Content searchA problem causing the member patterns list to show only the first 10 patterns has been fixed.
CL-11169CronA problem causing Cron to fail has been fixed.
CL-12546DocConverterFCDocConverter libraries have been updated.
CL-10990DownloadDownloading previous versions of a file from non-default storage, such as S3, failed. This has been fixed.
CL-12059, CL-12296ICAPProblems related to Solr indexing and ICAP scanning in a multi-tenant environment with global workers have been fixed.
CL-10345InstallationWhen a FileCloud server could not connect to, install checks failed.
CL-10876LicensesA problem preventing functioning of the refresh button in Settings > License for SPLA licenses has been fixed.
CL-11034LicensesFor SPLA licenses, the dashboard license widget showed the label Total for license limit instead of Base, so it could appear that User licenses exceeded total allowed. Total has been changed to Base.
CL-11033LicensesSPLA Auto Reporting was incorrectly shown as expired in the dashboard widget. This has been fixed.
CL-11426Message queueThe large number of message queue worker processes was causing high CPU/memory utilization. This has been fixed.
CL-12198MongoDB, NotificationsThe MongoHealth tool was not sending email notifications when MongoDB failed. This has been fixed.
CL-10155Network FoldersWhen a Network Folder was not accessible, the error log did not list the share's path. The log now lists the path.
CL-10130Network FoldersSorting by size in Network Folders was timing out because sorting folders was taking too much time. This has been fixed by changing sort by size to only sort files but not sort folders in Network Folders. 
CL-11158Network FoldersDownloading .ai files to Network Folders was not working properly; this has been fixed.
CL-11603Network Folders When a user removed a group from one Network Folder share, it was removed from all Network Folder shares. This has been fixed.
CL-10649NTFS Network FoldersNTFS Network Folders with write permissions were displayed with a read-only banner. This has been fixed.
CL-10960OCREnabling OCR for PDFs was not working on a non-default site in a multi-tenant setup. This has been fixed. (Note: Linux OCR setup instructions have been modified. See Enabling Solr OCR).
CL-11032Retention policiesWhen the retention manager tool was used to delete a retention policy, it did not delete the metadata from records already marked with the retention policy, so those records could not be deleted. This has been fixed; the files can now be deleted when the retention policy is removed.

Downloading and previewing of Google cloud network shares was failing. This has been fixed.

CL-11538SecurityA vulnerability which allowed the possibility of host header attacks has been fixed.
CL-10801Shares, Network FoldersA problem preventing shares of large files from Network Folders from being downloaded has been fixed.
CL-10938tmp filesThe files in the tmp directory were not properly purged daily due to a CRON error. This has been fixed.
CL-10918ToolsThe rmutil tool, which cleared a recycle bin larger than 16 MB, has been fixed.
CL-12329Update toolThe Windows update tool now shows a message when it finishes running to notify users that certain files have been set to their defaults, and customizations must be added to them again.
CL-12083WorkflowA problem causing a file move in Network Folders to fail in a workflow has been fixed.

CL-10451RenameWhen an NTFS Network Folder was renamed, sub-folders did not maintain their existing permissions, but inherited permissions from the renamed folder. This has been fixed.
CL-11064Upload, Network FoldersCreating folders in Network Folders that were added using UNC network paths failed in Drive. This has been fixed.

CL-11925Installation, LinuxLinux offline installation was not working on CentOS 7.x. This has been fixed.
CL-11391Network Folders, DeleteAllow Remote Deletion of Files via Offline Sync was not enabled in the admin portal, but users were able to perform the action. This has been fixed.
CL-11814Portable Disk, Network FoldersIf the Sync folder was on a portable disk, and the portable disk was disconnected, Sync deleted Network Folder's files from the server. This has been fixed.
Drive and Sync

CL-11021MigrationWhen content was migrated to new object storage on PetaSan, Drive and Sync download failed. This has been fixed.


When ServerSync imported the NTFS modify permissions, FileCloud should have shown read, write, and delete permission, but only showed read and write permission. This has been fixed.

CL-11069ConfigurationThe documentation for the limit_folder_n tag for the device configuration xml was incorrect. It has been fixed. See Device Configuration XML For Server Sync and Install ServerSync on Linux.   
CL-12023Permissions Permissions were not copied from remote to local folders when Sync Permissions From Remote Folders was checked. This has been fixed.