Minor FileCloud Releases and

September 7, 2023

These notes cover releases of FileCloud Server version and FileCloud Client version

If you are using FileCloud 23.1, you may directly upgrade from the FileCloud admin portal.

If you are using an earlier version of FileCloud, you must perform a complete upgrade. 
Complete upgrade instructions:
Windows: Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)
For Linux, for FileCloud installations currently at versions lower than 23.1: Upgrade FileCloud on Linux
For Linux, for FileCloud installations already at Version 23.1: Upgrade FileCloud on Linux from Version 23.1 or 23.232 to the Latest FileCloud Version

Releases and address these issues.
AreaReference numberDescription

Automated workflowsCL-13199The condition "If share is directory" has been added to automated workflows, to enable determining if the share is a file or folder.
AzureCL-13628If a FileCloud site was integrated with Azure SSO, when a user tried to log in to FileCloud from Azure, a blank screen appeared. This has been fixed.
Browser, previewCL-13602Preview of .mp4 and .mov files was not working in iPhone on Chrome and Safari. This has been fixed.
CustomizationCL-13541The setting for disabling the mobile smart banner in iOS was not working. This has been fixed.
ICAPCL-13560FileCloud was not returning ICAP X-Virus-ID results. This has been fixed.
LoginCL-13326The failed login message now indicates the number of login attempts and how many more attempts are allowed before account lockout.
ReportsCL-13510The Users File List Report either listed partial results or fails. This has been fixed.
Security, uploadCL-13583Legacy upload forms that allowed potential unauthorized access have been removed.
ShareCL-13134Files uploaded from public folder shares displayed modification dates that were two hours in the future. This has been fixed.
ShareCL-13760Share recipients with 2FA sign-in were given the option of resetting the phone number set in the share when they accessed it. This has been fixed.
Team foldersCL-13617FileCloud 23.1 restricted the ability to publicly share top-level Team Folders. A setting has been added that enables public sharing of top-level Team Folders. By default the setting is disabled.
User interfaceCL-13218Image file previews that appeared correctly in My Files appeared distorted in Network Shares. This has been fixed.

MessageCL-13673If Sync was not connected to the FileCloud server when a user logged in with SSO, it showed the incorrect message "Your login session has expired. Please go to the dashboard to relogin." This has been fixed.
Sync folderCL-13592When the Sync folder location was changed, Sync created a recursive folder structure. This has been fixed.
FileCloud for Office

Network FoldersCL-13750When a Network Folder was renamed, FileCloud for Office was unable to access it. This has been fixed.

FileCloud Server-only issue fixes
AreaReference numberDescription
CookiesCL-13627The secure cookie setting TONIDOCLOUD_SECURE_COOKIE was set to "1" by default in FileCloud 23.1, but that prevented login with HTTP, which is the default protocol. Now TONIDOCLOUD_SECURE_COOKIE is set to "0" by default, which enables login when you are using HTTP. When you change the protocol to HTTPS, you must also reset TONIDOCLOUD_SECURE_COOKIE to "1" to enable login with HTTPS.
ExportCL-13260When files were exported from the command line, they created a new timestamp. Now files retain their original timestamp on export.
LicenseCL-13271The license was not installed when a new AWS EC2 instance was created with AMI that included the license. This has been fixed.
Security, logsCL-13708Push service log entries for failure to connect displayed the password. This has been fixed.
ServerLinkCL-13697ServerLink was unable to synchronize files with a character normalization conflict in the file name, causing synchronization to stop and requiring manual intervention to unblock it. ServerLink is now be able to synchronize such files, remaining in a consistent state with the origin node.
SolrCL-13816When FileCloud ran on SELinux in enforcing mode, Solr would not start. This has been fixed.