Manage FileCloud Online Users

  Adding a user allows an employee in your company access to the FileCloud Online site so they can share and sync files.

As an administrator, you can control:

  • how the user authenticates when logging in 
  • what access level the user has
  • assign a new user name and password OR use an existing AD/LDAP account 

This level of control allows you to manage data is many different situations; for example, when an employee leaves the organization. The data can continue to be saved for a disabled user account while not allowing that user to log in to FileCloud Online anymore. Then later this saved data can be made available to a new employee.

Administrators can create users in the following ways:

Manually Add a User

Import a User from Active Directory or LDAP

 Bulk creation of User Accounts from a CSV File

(lightbulb)  You can also create user groups for easy sharing.