FileCloud Online Administrator Tasks

Active Directory (AD), single sign-on (SSO), and data leak prevention (DLP) features are only available in some versions of FileCloud Online.

Follow the steps in this guide to start sharing and syncing your files through the FileCloud Online service.

  What Can Administrators Do with the FileCloud Site?

Although FileCloud is hosting and maintaining your site, you still need to configure a few basic settings before letting users log on.


You should use the administrator account provided by CodeLathe to perform the following tasks:

Access the Admin Portal

  • Login to the FileCloud Online Administrator dashboard
  • Enable Team folders

Manage Users

  • Create users manually
  • Import a user from Active Directory or LDAP
  • Create users in bulk using a CSV file
  • Create user groups for easy sharing

Manage Folders

  • Best Practices for Organizing Your Folders
  • Create team folders

Manage Security

  • Enable Single Sign-On
  • Enable Two-Factor Verification for additional security
  • Set Alerts to send notification of specific user actions or system status
  • Set folder-level permissions

Customize Your Site

  • Add a logo to the hosted site
  • Choose the background image for the Website and Mobile app user portals
  • Customize email messages