View Previous Versions Of Files


FileCloud can automatically maintain multiple versions of a file. The number of versions stored is configurable by the system administrator. By default up to 4 versions, including the current version, are kept.

If any older version of a file is available, it can be accessed using the context menu.  When sharing a folder or file, if the share has write permission set, then the previous versions of files are also available.

Beginning in FileCloud Version 21.3, file metadata is versioned along with the file, so that when you restore a previous version, you restore the metadata associated with that previous version.   In files versioned prior to 21.3, only the most recent metadata was maintained, so that if you restore a previous version, the metadata shows the values entered most recently.

Access Previous Versions

To access the previous versions of a file:

  1. In the user portal, navigate to the file.
  2. Hover over the file and click the More (three dot) icon, and choose Previous Versions.
    A Previous Version dialog box opens. It lists previous versions that you can download, delete, or promote as the current version.

Beginning with FileCloud version 20.2, you can access previous versions of a file from the Details tab.
To access the previous version of a file from the Details tab:

  1. Select the file.
  2. In the right panel, click the Details tab.
  3. At the bottom of the Details tab, expand Versions.
    All versions of the file are listed.

  4. Click Manage to open the Previous Versions dialog box.

Download Previous Versions

Beginning in FileCloud version 20.2, you are able to download all versions of a file at the same time.

In the Previous Versions dialog box, click the Download icon to the right of a version to download it, or click the Download All Versions button to download all versions listed.


Make Previous Version Live

In the Previous Versions dialog box, click the Make live (lightning) icon next to a version to make it the live version.

Beginning with FileCloud version 20.2, the following confirmation box appears:

Beginning with version 20.2, the current version becomes the version prior to the current one.

In versions of FileCloud prior to 20.2, current versions are always removed when another version is restored. Beginning with Version 20.2, by default, the current version is saved when another version is restored.

Delete Previous Versions

In the Previous Versions dialog box, click the Delete icon to the right of a version to delete it.

Delete all Previous Versions in all Files

You can delete all previous versions of all files by opening the Deleted Files folder and selecting the option to remove all old versions (only applicable for My Files).

Note for admins: To view and restore previous versions of files in Team Folders, see View and Restore Previous Versions in Team Folders.