Resetting Admin Password

Starting with FileCloud 18.1, administrators can reset the admin password via the Web UI.

When Auth Type is set to AD or LDAP, the admin password cannot be changed using the procedure on this page, but must be changed in the AD or LDAP server by the AD or LDAP admin. See User Authentication Settings.

The FileCloud Admin can reset the Admin password from command line, in case the current password is forgotten.  The reset password script also clears any admin login locks and disables two-factor authentication, if enabled.

Reset the main admin's password in the Admin Settings screen

  1. Click Settings in the navigation panel.
  2. Click the Admin tab 
  3. Click Reset Admin Password.

    A Reset Master Admin Password dialog box opens.
  4. Enter the current and new password values, and click Reset Password.

Reset a forgotten admin password on the login screen

  1. On the admin portal login screen click Forgot Password.

    A dialog box prompts you to enter your user account.
  2. Enter your admin account name, and click Reset Password.
    Note: To reset their passwords, promoted admin users must use the user portal.

    A message appears, telling you to check your email for a message.
  3. Find and open the message in your email. 
    The message appears as:
  4. Click Reset Password.
    The following dialog box opens:
  5. In Password, enter your new password. In Confirm Password enter it again.
  6. Click Reset Password
    Your password is reset.

Reset the Admin Password in the Command Line Interface

  1. In a command line enter:

    For Windows:

    cd c:\xampp\htdocs\resources\backup

    For Linux:

    cd /var/www/html/resources/backup/
  2. Then, for both Windows and Linux:

    • To reset the Admin password to password, enter:

      php resetadminpw.php 
    • Beginning in FileCloud 20.2, you can reset the Admin password to a custom value. To reset the admin password to he!@#%$%^)*el$AAo, enter:

      php resetadminpw.php -p "he!@#%$%^)*el$AAo"

Displaying the new password in the system log

Prior to FileCloud Version 21.2, when the Admin password is reset, the new password is shown in the system logs.

From FileCloud Version 21.2 on, when the Admin password is reset, by default, the new password is not shown in the system logs. However, you may display the new password in the system logs by using  the -d settings.

To display the new password in the system logs in FIleCloud Version 21.2 and after:

  1. Follow Step 1, above, to navigate to the correct path for Windows or Linux.

  2. Then, for both Windows and Linux, enter:

    php resetadminpw.php -d

Resetting the Admin password in multi-site setups

To reset password for another site, pass in the hostname using -h parameter in the command line interface.

php resetadminpw.php -h

Reset the Admin Password from the SuperAdmin UI

Starting with the 17.3 version it is now possible to reset the Admin Password for each site directly from the SuperAdmin UI.

  1. Log in to the admin portal with the Super Admin credentials
  2. Navigate to Site Settings
  3. Reset the Admin Password

For more information please visit the Multi-Tenancy Settings Page.

Reset the Admin Password Using the FileCloud Control Panel

The password can also be reset to password using the FileCloud control panel.