Enabling Document Converter and Thumbs

Administrators can enable thumbs for all office documents (DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX etc.,).

(lightbulb)  A thumb, also known as a thumbnail file, contains a small JPEG icon representing the application that created the document or the document type.

To display thumbnails, FileCloud uses a document converter server.

Before enabling the use of thumbnails you must:

Install and Run FileCloud Document Converter Server

Note: FileCloud always displays thumbs for graphic files (jpg, png, ...) regardless of this setting.

To enable thumbnails for a document in FileCloud:

  1. Open a browser and log into the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  3. Click the Misc tab.
  4. Click the Preview sub tab.
  5. Next to Enable Document Converter, select the checkbox.
  6. Next to Enable Document Thumb, select the checkbox.

Figure 1. The Admin Portal option to enable Document Converter and thumbs.

Now when a user logs on to the User Portal, the file listing will show the thumbnail as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2. User Portal display of thumbnails.