Document Settings

The purpose of FileCloud is to provide enterprises with a file storage and sync solution.

  • Since documents are at the core of this solution, providing as many tools as you can to your users to interact with files on a daily basis is critical
  • Besides installing additional tools, there are built-in options that you can simply enable to provide a better experience for users when working with documents
  • Once users start working with documents, you can manage file extensions and file change notifications to help users manage their document processes

Administrators can configure the following options to provide the best experience possible to FileCloud users:

Install or Enable Additional Tools


Content Search

 Provides users with enhanced search capabilities 

  • Searching through the file contents of the supported file types
  • Support for file types such as txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx
  • Regex support for file/folder name searches

If you do not install content search, users will still be able to search for file names and types.

 Set Up Content Search

Document Preview

 Allows a user to see a sample of the content in a file directly in the User Portal through the web browser.

  • FileCloud version 18.2 and earlier uses LibreOffice to do the document conversion
  • FileCloud version 19.1 and later uses Quick JS to display a preview
  • If you are using WOPI for online editing, then WOPI can be used to display file previews

 Set Up Document Preview

Document Converter

 Use a Java-based service to provide a thumbnail image of a document for the following document types:
  • Microsoft Office documents (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XSL, XSLX)
  • Adobe documents (AI, PDF, PSD)
  • TIFF images

Document Converter also interfaces with LibreOffice for document preview generation.

Document Converter must be installed to leverage the following features:

  • PDF Merge
  • Watermarks

 Enable Document Converter

Configure Built-In Options

PDF Options

PDF Merge

Administrators can enable the option to allow users to combine multiple PDFs together.

  • For this FileCloud uses a document converter server

Enable PDF Merge

Optimize PDF Viewing

If you choose to allow previews of PDF files, you should be aware of what the user's experience will be on the User Portal.

Optimize PDF Previews


File Sort Order

 Configure the sort order which determines how files lists are displayed in the User Portal.
  • ASCII  (default)
  • Natural

  Enable the Natural Sort Order

Add Watermarks to Previews

 Administrators can add watermarks to all previews generated in FileCloud.

  • This feature requires Document Converter
  • Adding watermarks is available in FileCloud version 17.3 and later

 Enable Watermarks on Previews

Manage File Options

Seed Files

Import Files Before Users Have Access to the following locations:

  • local managed storage
  • S3 Managed storage

Import Files : Pre-Seed Files

Manage File Extensions

Managing file extensions helps to prevent users from uploading malicious attachments and viewing them.

  • You can create a list of file extensions to restrict
  • Or you can create a list of file extensions to allow (then the Disallowed list is ignored) 
  • By default FileCloud will restrict users from uploading any files with php and php5 extensions. This is to prevent any code injection.

Manage File Extensions

Restrict File Names

 You can create a list of restricted file names that will stop a file from being uploaded if it contains the name. 

  • A file name can contain an extension or not

Restrict File Names

Manage File Versioning

 Administrators can allow users to re-uploading a file with the same name to use file versioning.
  • You can also turn this off by setting the Number of old versions to keep for each file to -1

Manage File Versioning