Adding Security to FileCloud Document Converter

To make the Document Converter more secure when converting certain types of files

First configure Document Converter to use a security key:

  1. Create an ini file under /opt/fcddocconverter (Linux) or C:/XAMPP (Windows) with the name fcdocconverter.ini
  2. Enter the following line into the file and save it:
  3. Start the Document Converter service. See LibreOffice for help.
  4. Look into converter logs and make sure it starts in secure mode
    Look for a log line that reads: "Found a security key in the ini. Will be check this key for all requests."

Then configure FileCloud to send the security key with every request to Document Converter:

  1. Configuring FileCloud to send security key with every request to FC Docconverter
    1. Edit the file WWWROOT/config/cloudconfig.php and add the following definition line: