Changing the locale in online Office documents

If you want online Office documents to open in a different locale than the default (en-US), you must change the locale in WOPI.

  1. Choose any of the WOPI locales included in
  2. Change the WOPI locale:

    1. Open the configuration file:
      Windows: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
      Linux: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
    2. Add the line following line, changing en-US to the new locale:

      define("WOPI_CLIENT_LOCALEID", "en-US");

Now when you open a FileCloud document in Office online, the labels appear in the new locale, and if you add locale-sensitive features, like dates, they appear in the correct format. For example, the WOPI locale for the following document opened in FileCloud is es-ES: