Configuring FileCloud To Use Collabora CODE For Web Edit


Document Web Edit support is available in FileCloud starting from FileCloud 14.0. FileCloud supports web based document editing using Collabora CODE. FileCloud uses the WOPI protocol to connect to office online for web based editing.

This document assumes that the administrator has already installed Collabora CODE completely and ready for use. 

For Collabora CODE installation, refer to the official Collabora documentation at:

Configuration Tips

  • When configuring FileCloud with Collabora CODE, please use the default 'admin' user to login into FileCloud admin UI. For security reasons, this configuration is not allowed as a normal user promoted as admin.

Configuring FileCloud With Collabora CODE

  1. Navigate to the URL http[s]://IPAddressOfYourCODEServer/hosting/discovery using a browser. This is the page that contains all the information of various editors supported by CODE server.
  2. From the resulting page, note zone of editors to be used by FileCloud. The selection depends on the requirement of where the web edit feature will be used. In our case, we will choose "external-http", as we want to offer web-editing to external users.
  3. Ensure that the CODE server has access to the FileCloud server (To verify: navigate to FileCloud user login page from code server).
  4. Now login into FileCloud server admin UI(as the default 'admin' user), which needs to integrate with CODE for web editing.
  5. Navigate to Settings -> Web edit tab. Select "Collabora CODE" as Wopi Client Type, "External HTTP" as Wopi Client Zone (select other option as required), IP address/URL for office online server as Wopi client host.
    On entering the details click on configured.
  6. Upon successful configuration, the following screen should appear.
  7. Now that FileCloud server is configured with office online server, administrator might need to enable the web edit option for users.
    To enable web edit in user UI, navigate to Customizations -> General -> UI Features tab and check the option "Show Online Edit Option". Click "Save" button to save the changes.


  8. Now log in to the user portal, hover over a document and click the Web Edit icon. Ensure the selected document opens in the code web editor.