Configuring FileCloud to use Collabora CODE for File Creation

Starting in FileCloud 19.3, web-based file creation using Collabora CODE is supported.

To configure FileCloud to use Collabora Code for file creation:

  1. Configure FileCloud to use Collabora CODE according to the instructions in Configuring FileCloud To Use Collabora CODE For Web Edit.
  2. Create a folder for storing templates such as C:\documenttemplates.
  3. In the folder, create empty Office templates, each having the filename template, for example, template.docx, template.pptx, template.xlsx.
  4. In  C:\xampp\htdocs\config\cloudconfig.php add the following line:
    define("WOPI_CLIENT_TEMPLATE_DIR", "C:\documenttemplates");
    You can now create files that match the template types you have added.