Setting up Managed Storage Encryption

Administrators can enable storage-level encryption supported by FileCloud.

Currently encryption is supported only for:

  • Managed Storage (local) 
  • Amazon S3 storage

Storage encryption for OpenStack is not supported yet.

FileCloud Server now supports FIPS licenses in version 18.2 and later.

Enterprises who are subject to the FIPS regulations must install and run a FIPS-enabled operating system. For example, CentOS in FIPS mode.

When using a FIPS-enabled license, FileCloud Admins will see in the Admin Portal:

  • Running in FIPS mode is prominently displayed
  • SSO features are hidden
  • Storage encryption option is always shown

What do you want to do?

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     Enable Storage Encryption

        Disable Storage Encryption

     Activate Password-Protected Storage Encryption

     Activate Encrypted-Protected Storage from the Command Line