Verify Your Installation

FileCloud is bundled with a verification tool to help you test your installation. You can run this tool from the server where FileCloud is installed or remotely from a different system. This tool will perform various configuration checks related to your FileCloud environment.

Verification checks are grouped into two categories: basic and extended. It is strongly recommended that you review the basic checks to ensure that the required components are available to FileCloud. Once the Basic checks pass, Extended checks should be reviewed to verify that required directories and configurations are available.

Basic ChecksExtended Checks
Apache Web ServerCloudConfig.php readable
Apache Mod RewriteLocalstorageconfig.php readable
.htaccess PresentScratch Directory Writable
PHP 7.4Config Directory Readable
PHP MongoDB (mongodb ext) driver 1.2.3 or higherMod Rewrite Apache Configuration Setup Check
PHP GD LibraryPHP Memcache Server (Optional)
PHP Zip libraryVerification of Mongo DB connection
PHP Curl Library
PHP OpenSSL library
PHP ionCube extension 4.4.1 or higher
PHP bcmath extension
PHP SimpleXML extension
PHP mbstring extension
PHP LDAP library (optional)
PHP Memcache Extension (optional)
Install in Server WWW root folder
CloudConfig.php Readable

 Exif Extension

In FileCloud Server version 19.1 and later, a new entry has been added for the Exif extension installation.

  • The Exif extension is used when uploading an image to generate a thumbnail
  • It is also used to extract information for the built-in metadata set for images 

(error)  When Exif is disabled in PHP: 

  • In the logs the Exif extension is listed as disabled
  • Uploaded images do not have a thumbnail, and the Image metadata set is empty
  • To disable: Open the php.inic file,  comment out the exif extension, and restart the web server

(tick)  When Exif is enabled in PHP:

  • Uploaded images have a thumbnail
  • The Image metadata set contains attributes for all image files
  • This is the default behavior

    FileCloud does not apply Image metadata for Azure/S3 Network Folders.

This tool will also report problems so you can correct them before using FileCloud. 

All failures reported by the verification tool must be fixed before attempting to use FileCloud.

Reviewing the Verification Checks

To verify your FileCloud installation:

  1. From the FileCloud server, or the VM instance, open a web browser and enter the following address: 


  • By default, the address is:
  • To run verification tests from a system that does not have the FileCloud installation, replace with the IP of the system where FileCloud is installed.

    2. To review basic tests, select Basic Checks.

    3. To review more thorough tests, select Extended Checks.