Navigating in FileCloud on Android

FileCloud's Android interface has a navigation pane that you can access by clicking the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the page:

Clicking the icon opens a panel of navigation links:

  1. Dashboard - Opens the Android dashboard. For definitions of the folders that appear on the dashboard, see My Files, Team Folders, Network Shares, and Shared with Me.

  2. Recent - Opens the Recent screen, which lists the files you have accessed most recently.

  3. Starred - Opens the Starred screen, which lists the files and folders you have starred as favorites.

  4. Shared by me - Opens the Shared by Me screen, which list the files and folders you have shared with other users or groups.

  5. Offline files - Opens a list of the folders that store offline files on your phone. If you are the only FileCloud user on your Android device, and you use offline files, you will see only one folder that stores your offline files. However, if more than one FileCloud account use your Android device and use offline folders, you will see a separate folder for each user's offline files. 

    In the navigation panel, a Sync button appears beside the Offline files link. Click the Sync button to synchronize your offline and online folders.

    For more information about setting up offline folders and syncing files in Android, see Syncing FileCloud on Android.

  6. Actions - Opens the Actions page, which lists any file approvals sent to you. The Inbox lists outstanding approvals, and the Sent box lists files that you have already approved or rejected. For more information, see Approving files in Android.

  7. Settings - Opens a page of FileCloud Android settings as well as helpful information and links. See Android Settings for FileCloud.