Security Checklist: 4 Deployment and Network Hardening

Follow best practices for deploying FileCloud and securing MongoDB.

Deploy FileCloud securely

Use one of the recommended deployments for FileCloud. 
See Deployment.

After installing FileCloud

Review the basic and extended checks.
Basic Checks
Extended Check

Protect data stored in MongoDB

Configure MongoDB securely.

Advisory: Bind MongoDB to Only
Enable MongoDB Bind IP and Authentication
Configure MongoDB Cluster to Use TLS-SSL with Cluster Authentication and Mongodb Authentication on Linux

IP Address changes

FileCloud performs automatic logouts when users' IP addresses change.
If this is not desired in your system, see Manage IP Checks.

Restrict UI access based on IP address

For additional protection, restrict access to the admin or user portal by denying or allowing specific IP addresses.
Restricting Access To Admin UI Based On IP Addresses
Restricting Access To User UI Based On IP Addresses