Manage File Versioning

You can allow a user to uploaded changes to a file and create another version of a file. This is called file versioning.

  • This allows users to have an older version of the file on the site
  • Users can download a previous version
  • Users can remove previous versions to save space

File versioning can be used with the following storage types:

  • Managed
  • LAN-Based Network Folders
  • Managed S3

(lightbulb) Look for the Versions icon

(lightbulb) If file versioning is causing issues, you can turn it off.

  • File versioning can cause loss of data when a user accidentally overwrites a file with the same name
  • Users may be storing too many unnecessary versions of a file and are taking up too much space

When you configure file versioning, you can use the following values: 




Number of old versions to keep for each file  


The user tries to upload another version but the upload will FAIL

Number of old versions to keep for each file

any number greater than 0

When the user uploads a new version of a file, it is saved, and the latest <Number of old versions to keep for each file> versions are kept.

To manage file versioning:

  1. Open a browser and log on to the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation menu, under SETTINGS, select Settings.
  3. On the Manage Settings screen, select the Storage tab, and then the My Files sub-tab.
  4. On the My Files sub-tab, in Number of old versions to keep for each file type in -1 to turn versioning off or any number greater than 0 to use versioning.
  5. To save your changes, click Save.