Managing Files in File Explorer

The remote file browser functionality is available in FileCloud Server version 13.0 and later.

The ability to access details and metadata for a file directly in Sync is available in FileCloud Server version 18.2 and later.

If you are using FileCloud Sync with Mac OSX, you must enable the FileCloudSync extension in your system to be able to view right-click options in explorer. See Mac OSX Finder Right-Click Extension for help.

You can use FileCloud Sync to synchronize your files with the FileCloud Server.

FileCloud Sync appears as a folder in a file explorer window in Windows Explorer or Mac OSX Finder. It's sub-folders are My Files, Network Folders, Team Folders, and Shared with Me.

Sync is an alternative to using the user portal to access files stored on the FileCloud Server. With Sync, the files are stored locally, and you work on them locally.