Customize Your FileCloud Online Site

Follow the steps in this guide to start sharing and syncing your files through the FileCloud Online service.

  Even though your FileCloud site is hosted by CodeLathe, you can still have some customization options.

In FileCloud, Administrators can customize the following objects: 

Add Your Own Logo

  • Choose the image that will be displayed to all users on the User Portal.
  • Choose the image that will be displayed on the top left in Mobile Apps when user is logged in.
  • Choose the icon that will be used to represent your FileCloud site. 

Customize the Background

  • Choose the image that will be used as the background for the User Portal Login page.  

Customize the User Portal Interface

  • Enable or disable the ability for a user to customize the User Portal
  • Show supported documents as a PDF preview in the User Portal
  • If your users frequently share PDF files, you can enable an option to open the file share in a full preview mode 
    This will be useful in case of PDF file shares.
  • Allow users to create new Office documents
  • Show or disable the Music Player in the User Portal
  • Show or disable the news feed in the User Portal
  • Disable the user's ability to download full folders or multiple items as zip files
  • Enable or disable the getting started walkthrough which a new user sees when they login for the first time

Customize a User's Login Experience

  • Customize user options
  • Customize the login experience
  • Add links to the Account menu
  • Customize how files are listed

Customize Styles

  • Customize any element of the User Portal's interface

Customize Email Messages

  • Overriding the default email messages that are provided