Security Checklist: 2 Access Control

Use access control to set up rules determining who can see what data and what actions they can take on it. The following methods are recommended for setting up access control in FileCloud:

Add granular permissions to folders:

You can set up permissions on your Team Folders to specify who has access to each folder and whether they have the ability to view, edit, share, delete, and manage each folder.
For information, see Set Granular Permissions on Team Folders

You can also give users the ability to set up granular permissions to the folders in their My Files folder.
See Enable Folder-Level Permissions

For user instructions for setting granular permissions on folders, see: 
Set Permissions on Folders in the User Dashboard

Use role-based access control (RBAC)

In role-based access control (RBAC), admin user roles are given access to different actions and information in the system. 
For information about setting up roles and assigning them to admin users, see:
Managing Admin Users.

Set up policies for users and groups

Policies define a set of permissions that apply only to users and groups assigned to the policy. 
For information about creating policies and policy options, see: 
Manage A User's Policies

For information on specific security policies, see:
User Session Expiration
Set the Global Share Mode
Desktop Apps Code-Based Authentication
Setting Client Application Policies
Notifications for File Changes
Automated Workflow Management

Set expiration dates for temporary users

This is useful if you have temporary workers such as contractors. You can also disable the user account and enable it again later.
Setting a User Account to Expire
Disable a FileCloud User Account 

Additional methods of Access Control

Set up DLP rules that prevent downloads by users who match or don't match criteria.
Smart DLP
Allow downloading files from authorized partners only

Make sure users create shares with proper permissions.
Private Share Permissions for Files
Share Options for Public and Private Folders

Enable file locking and show users how to lock/unlock files.
File Locking