Setting up S3 Compatible Services

FileCloud officially supports only Amazon S3 storage.

  • Other Amazon S3 compatible storage systems are supported only through our Amazon S3 drivers, including:
    • Digital ocean S3 object storage
    • Scality
    • Wasabi
    • GCP object storage
  • Some of the S3 compatible storage services are known to have issues when encryption is enabled, due to limitations with them.
  • The stability of these other systems depends on their compatibility with Amazon S3.

Administrators can change the local FileCloud storage type to leverage an S3 compatible storage service you may already be using.

  • The local FileCloud storage type should only be changed after FileCloud has been installed but BEFORE any data has been stored.
  • Although FileCloud doesn't actively test all S3 compatible services, FileCloud should be able to leverage the storage services similar to Amazon S3.

Click on the logo for the storage service you want to integrate with FileCloud: