FileCloud Server 21.2 Release Notes

Version     New installation: Installing FileCloud Server         Upgrade Notes for FileCloud 21.2    Note: A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.


Sep 2021 ver 21.2

May 2021 vers. 21.1

Dec 2020  vers. 20.3

Sep 2020  vers. 20.2

May 2020  vers. 20.1

Dec 2019  vers. 19.3

Sep 2019  vers. 19.2

Apr 2019   vers. 19.1

Sep 2018  vers. 18.2

May 2018  vers. 18.1

Latest MD5 release checksums

  •  EF53BFDC502D9C9CE63EFAA131EA7488
  • FileCloudSetup.exe  63666F1EDB6E2D0692CE65B02118F002

The September 2021 release of FileCloud (version 21.2) is now available.

Server Patch and Client Patch fix these issues.
Drive Patch fixes these issues.
Server Patch fixes these issues.
Server Patch fixes this issue.
Server Patch fixes this issue.

Security Advisories

Upgrade to access new and enhanced features. Here are some highlights of the release:

  • Workflow Automation - New feature that enables end-users to automate repetitive document processes.

  • MS Teams Integration -  Integration with Microsoft's new meeting and file sharing application for teams

  • Compliance Center for ITAR - A new dashboard that helps you become more compliant with ITAR regulations.
  • Desktop Edit client - A new client application has been added that enables users to seamlessly edit files from the FileCloud Web browser in their native applications.
  • Online onboarding - New sample components make it quick and easy to get up to speed on FileCloud Online.
  • Group Management - Users now have the ability to create and share with their own user groups.

  • OnlyOffice integration - Integration with OnlyOffice's documentation editor.
  • DLP - The Smart DLP user interface has been updated to include a Rule Expression Builder wizard.
  • Standalone File Browser - A  standalone file browser client for accessing FileCloud content is now available.
  • File Approval Actions - Users are now able to send file actions for approval.

Workflow Automation

FileCloud's Workflow Automation functionality, available in the user portal, enables end users to automate the steps in business processes. For example, the creation of a marketing document could trigger a process that moves it through a series of departments for approval, or a value in a form could determine which users it is shared with.

All of this is completed in a simple drag and drop interface where variables such as email addresses and folder names are easily filled in for each action. After workflows are created, users can track them in a dashboard that shows when they are running and when runs are complete.

Automated Workflow 

See Workflow Automation and Automated Workflow Management.

MS Teams Integration 

FileCloud now integrates with MS Team.

Users are able to log into FileCloud to access and share their content while working in the messaging component of MS Teams. Each share link is automatically inserted into an MS Team message that can be sent to share recipients. 

In addition, users can log into a full view of the FileCloud user portal while in MS Teams, and use its full features as they would outside of Teams.

Integration with MS Teams
FileCloud tab in MS Teams

See Integration with MS Teams and Microsoft Teams.

Compliance Center for ITAR

You can use the new Compliance Center to measure how ITAR compliant you are and to get help fixing your compliance issues. The tool examines your settings for DLP rules, metadata sets and encryption and uses them to determine whether or not you meet specific regulations. If you do not meet a regulation, you can follow instructions for to make your system compliant, or, in some cases, you can change settings directly from the Compliance Center.

See Compliance Center

Desktop Edit

FileCloud's Desktop Edit client enables users to edit files from the user portal in their native applications, and automatically uploads the edited versions of the documents so updates are immediately reflected in the user portal file. Users must open the Desktop Editor by logging in to it, and are then able to click the Edit in [native application] link for any files of types that can be opened in the editor.

Desktop Editor ClientEdit in Desktop option in user portal
Desktop Edit client

See Edit in Desktop.

Online Onboarding

The trial installation of FileCloud Online includes new sample files in My Folders, Team Folders, and Shared with Me to help you get started. With the welcome email, users are given a username and password of an Admin user that they can use to log in to the end user and Admin portals.

Sample components for online onboarding

See FileCloud Online Quick Start Guide

Group Management

Now, Admins can enable users to create their own user groups and share content with them. When an Admin enables the feature, users can choose Manage User Groups in the User drop-down list. This opens a dialog box that enables them to add, edit, and manage user groups.
For a user to perform a User Group action, an Admin must enable the action in the user's policy. Admins have the ability to edit and delete user groups, and to assign users as administrators to them.

Manage User Groups navigation in user drop-down
Manage User Groups page

See User Groups and Group Settings.

OnlyOffice Integration

FileCloud's Web Edit feature now supports OnlyOffice for editing docx, pptx and xlsx files. After a FileCloud Admin configures the Web Edit settings, when users who have installed OnlyOffice edit documents, the files are automatically opened in OnlyOffice.

Editing in OnlyOffice in the user portal

Configuring OnlyOffice in the Admin portal

See Web Edit/Open in . . . and Web Editing with OnlyOffice.

DLP Admin UI

The DLP Admin user interface has been updated with a new interface that simplifies the process of creating rule expressions with a wizard that enables you to choose from valid expressions instead of manually entering them.

See Creating Data Leak Prevention Rules.

Standalone File Browser

FileCloud's standalone file browser functions similarly to Windows Explorer and Mac OSX Finder. Users can use the this file browser as an alternative to the user portal to view, share, edit, and delete all files on the server. FileCloud features such as desktop edit, advanced search, and manual locking/unlocking of files are available.

See FileCloud File Browser.

File Action Approval

Users can now request approval of file actions by right-clicking on a file and choosing Send for Approval. They are prompted to enter a recipient and a message about the request, and the recipient is notified of the pending request.

When the recipient logs in to the user portal, they can see the notification and access their Actions screen, which lists file approval requests they have received and sent. When the recipient approves or rejects the request, the requestor can see the status change by going to their Actions screen and clicking the Sent tab.

If users are marked as approvers in Automated Workflows, they can also view and approve or reject file and share approval requests sent from workflows in their Actions screens.

Sending a file for approval.

Approving a file in the Actions screen.

See File Approval.


Reference Number

AreaFeature Notes


AD login now includes authentication which requires that the log-in user's AD email address and FileCloud email address match.

The AD account name used in the Active Directory settings should also have an email ID added in AD user properties.

CL-9109ApacheApache has been upgraded to version 2.4.48. 
(Note that for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 it is at version 2.4.6.)

Application librariesThe following application libraries have been updated to the latest stable version:
  • mongodb/mongodb
  • endroid/qr-code

  • nyholm and serializer

  • monolog/monolog

  • slim/slim, slim/psr7 and, php-di/php-di

  • symfony/expression-language

  • twilio/sdk

  • phpmailer/phpmailer

  • phpzip/phpzip

CL-9323ComposerComposer has been upgraded to version 3.185.15
CL-8662FpdfFpdf has been upgraded to version 1.8.3
CL-8003NTFSPreviously, FileCloud only used NTFS base permissions for access control, but now NTFS special permissions are also evaluated.
CL-9287Online OnboardingFileCloud Online's trial installation has been enhanced for onboarding to include more sample components and other features.
CL-9737OpenSSLOpenSSL has been upgrade to version 1.1.1k.
CL-9037Preview/ThumbnailPreview and thumbnail support has been added for the file extensions *.psd, *.sgi, and *.tga in the user portal, Android, and iOS.
CL-8119Admin summaryA setting has been added that enables admins to receive summary emails once a week or once a month instead of every 24 hours.
CL-8392Audit logA setting has been added that enables admins to change the number of audit entries that trigger a warning from 1,000,000  to any number. 
CL-8794Audit logNow, when a user outside the AD group limit tries to log in to FileCloud it is shown in the audit log.
CL-9164ChecksumA file's checksum is now included in email notifications and the activity stream.
CL-9682DownloadA command-line tool has been added for downloading large numbers of files.
CL-8100Email templateIf a share has an Expiry Date, it now appears on the share email.
CL-9334Limited UsersLimited users can now log in with their email address, and automatically created limited users are given their full email address as usernames.
CL-8994MetadataMS Office metadata tags are now extracted from PDF files. 
CL-4505MetadataAzure Information Protection (AIP) metadata is now extracted from uploaded files and applied to them as FileCloud metadata.
CL-9129MQSupport has been added for priorities in parallel queue records.
CL-9226Network sharesWhen a user without NTFS permissions was added to a network share, the network share root folder was shown in the user portal. It is no longer shown.
CL-9335PasswordA setting in has been added that enables Admins to configure whether the requirement for users to change their password on their first log-in can be bypassed.
CL-9466PDF previewThe sidebar PDF preview for public view that is VPAT-friendly and supports more features.
CL-8993PoliciesWhen the EVERYONE group was assigned to a policy, the policy was  then assigned to Limited users as well as Full users. Now it is only assigned to Full users.
CL-7960ReportsA new report, Get anonymous/unauthorized login geolocation, has been added.
CL-8602SearchWhen a metadata search is selected for color tag metadata, users can now choose to search for files with any color tag applied. 
CL-9278SecurityThe cookie same-site setting now supports the value None.
CL-9359SecurityIn addition to automatically restricting upload of files with PHP and PHP5 extensions, FileCloud will now also restrict upload of files with the PHAR and PHTML extensions.Also see Advisory 2021-09
CL-3152SecurityImproved security against XXE and XEE has been added.
CL-8778ShareIn Shared with Me, the share name is now displayed for publicly shared folders
CL-9086SIEMThe SIEM audit logs now show more information.
CL-8308SMSAdmins can now test SMS configuration validity.
CL-9213SolrNew scripts are now available for identifying and indexing un-indexed files.
CL-9260ThumbnailsNew settings make it possible to change the size of thumbnail images from the default of 10 MB for document files and 100 MB for image files.
CL-9236UsernameAdmins can now configure the system to require that email addresses are used as usernames.
CL-8604WorkflowsThe "If a New User is Created" workflow has been enhanced by a parameter for email domain that is used to determine the user's access.

CL-8322DashboardAdmins can now disable the option to "Show Dashboard at Startup" through the registry editor.
CL-9105User QuotaAs a centralized option, Admins can now set a value in the registry to override the default server quota set for Drive.
Drive and Sync

CL-7955DashboardWhere the FileCloud dashboard listed "Darwin" under Client Device Distribution by OS  it now lists "MacOS release#"
CL-9158LogoutOn logout, users are now notified that the configuration and contents of the Sync folder may be cleared, and users may now exit the apps without logging out.
Outlook Add-in

CL-9059FoldersExpanded folders are no longer cleared on exit; when users restart Outlook, they return to the last opened folder.

CL-9048RenameNow, when a folder is renamed (and no changes to files or subfolders are done) the rename is performed as a single action instead of as a delete of the old folder and upload of the new one.


CL-6992Remote deleteWhen a local-to-remote sync folder is added, and its "remote delete" option is checked, any files or folders which are deleted locally will now also be deleted from the server.
CL-9410User approvalA setting is available for specifying how many minutes must pass before a message requesting approval for deletion is re-displayed after Sync pauses or loses its connection.

Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberAreaDescription

CL-90562FAA problem with users enrolled via DUO not being able to re-enroll has been fixed.
CL-91182FAWhen users reset the DUO policy, the QR scan code was not shown. This has been fixed.
CL-9289ADIn the AD Group Import Members dialog box, clicking the Group List button worked correctly but recorded an error in the logs. This has been fixed.
CL-8561ADA problem with AD group import from second AD with multi AD setup has been fixed.
CL-9490ADAn issue causing users to become disabled when the AD server went down has been fixed.

AD verification and authentication failed when CN was different from AD username.

CL-8472AuditAudit and log entries have been added to record removal of shares when a full user account is changed to guest or limited.


AuditNow, when a user outside the AD group limit tries to log in to FileCloud it is shown in the audit log.
CL-9006AuditA problem causing audit trimming to result in errors being displayed has been fixed.
CL-9400BackupThe backup agent no longers checks the validity of the dbpath.

A problem causing the backup server with RSYNC to fail if the OS-Username on the FC server is a domain user or the storage path contains a space has been fixed.

CL-8960BackupRsync backup was failing due to double slashes in the path name. This has been fixed.
CL-8900BrowserTo fix distortion in the UI, when the browser is resized below 1200 px, the layout is converted to tablet view.
CL-9034Control panelAn issue preventing the Admin password to be reset from the FileCloud control panel  has been fixed.
CL-7957DevicesFileCloud was showing the wrong version of Windows for some devices. This has been fixed.
CL-9386DevicesFor small screen resolutions, an empty device page appeared incorrectly. This has been fixed.
CL-9047DLPA new DLP condition has been added to allow the main admin to log in when external logins are blocked.  
CL-9286DLPAn issue causing adding of a group to a share to fail when a DLP rule to prevent share to external users was activated has been fixed.
CL-9719DLPText of long DLP rules was cutoff on the Rule Update dialog box. This has been fixed.
CL-9413DownloadsLarge file downloads were failing in Chrome, and the user portal was not showing the error. Both of these issues have been fixed.
CL-8621DRMAn issue causing export of a PPTX doc to cause an internal server error has been fixed.
CL-9224EmailWhen a custom message was sent with a share, the ^HEADING^  placeholder  was not replaced with the custom subject if the ^MESSAGE^ placeholder was not present in the default email template. Now, the ^HEADING^ placeholder is replaced with the custom subject even if the ^MESSAGE^ placeholder is not present in the default template.
CL-9313EncryptionS3 encryption sensitive information has been removed from logs.
CL-9338EncryptionAn encryption issue involving memcache key expiry has been fixed.
CL-8552FoldersThe filter for root folders for Network Folders, Team Folders, and Shared with Me was not appearing. This has been fixed.
CL-9533ICAPSupport has been added for a header used by ICAP servers to flag a file as infected.
CL-9285ICAP DLPA problem causing an error message that the allowed memory size has been exhausted has been fixed.
CL-9063InstallerNode.js has been upgrade to version 16.6.1.
CL-9622Limited users

A problem preventing limited users with mixed character usernames from logging in or resetting their passwords has been fixed.

CL-8501LockThe info for the file lock icon now shows if there is read permission or not. 
CL-9261LoggingA problem causing the previous day's log to be updated instead of the current day's has been fixed.
CL-9233LoginWhen limited users were automatically created, they were prompted to create a new password twice. This has been fixed.
CL-9058MetadataAn causing the incorrect alert "Desynced set definitions found in the metadata_values collection" to appear has been fixed.
CL-9309Mobile browserThe mobile browser displayed the app download button even when the option to show it was disabled. This has been fixed.
CL-9267MongoDBMongoDB queries were using too much CPU. This has been fixed.
CL-9771MongoDBWhen a node was down, instead of an alert being sent, an error was thrown. This has been fixed.
CL-8601MusicDisabling music playback in settings was not working; this has been fixed.
CL-9389Network foldersAn issue causing downloading of large files from network shares to time out has been fixed.
CL-8600News FeedWhen the news feed link in the user portal is clicked, the page opened in the same tab. Now it opens in a new tab.
CL-9210NotificationThe misspelling of "upload" in the fie upload notification has been fixed.
CL-9167NotificationA problem causing notifications in the user portal to display "Invalid date" has been fixed.
CL-9325NotificationAn issue causing errors with sub-folder share notification overrides has been fixed.
CL-9157NTFSA problem preventing a folder listing from refreshing on upload if NTFS Caching is enabled has been fixed.
CL-9053PasswordThe script for resetting the Admin password now includes an option to not display the message that contains the password in plain-text in the console output.  
CL-9368PDFPDF preview has been modified to be VPAT compliant and resolve rendering issues.
CL-9486php.iniUnnecessary extensions have been removed from php.ini to avoid errors in the Windows event viewer.
CL-9096PoliciesWhen a policy was changed through user edit, the policy for other users was reset to the default policy. This has been fixed.
CL-9767PoliciesA problem preventing policies to be saved in the Admin UI has been fixed.

In a public share of a folder with view only permission, office file preview was not working. This has been fixed.

CL-9348Promoted adminAn issue preventing promoted admins from adding users and groups to Folder Permissions has been fixed.
CL-9534Promoted adminA problem preventing promoted admins with Customization permission from updating the user login background has been fixed.
Important: Beginning with FileCloud 21.2, the promoted admin must have Update checked for the Customization permission in order to change the user login background.
CL-9205Recycle binAn issue allowing users to delete files from the recycle bin when "clear recycle bin" was disabled in policies has been fixed.
CL-9834RHEL, CentOSA problem causing a blank page to appear when users accessed the Admin portal or user portal in RHEL or CentOS systems has been fixed.
CL-9883S3, AzureIn S3 and Azure, thumb previews were shown as broken images. This has been fixed.
CL-5841SalesForceSettings in the .htaccess file have changed for SalesForce integration. 
CL-9203savestatsA timeout was occurring when the Admin UI sent a savestats request. This has been fixed.
CL-9856Scan toolThe Scan tool was moving too slowly. This has been fixed.
CL-9185SearchWhen Results Count was set to All in the new UI, all search results were not returned. This has been fixed.
CL-9046SearchThe metadata search option was misaligned for several languages; this has been fixed.
CL-9230SecurityUsers were allowed to attempt to log in repeatedly with incorrect passwords regardless of the number of times set. This has been fixed.
CL-9303Security tabAn issue causing the security tab to disappear from My Files has been fixed.
CL-9314ShareAn issue causing the Share button not to appear in the classic UI for 21.1 has been fixed.
CL-9229ShareWhen additional info was added to an invited user on a share, the info was not being saved. This has been fixed.
CL-9268SharePath selection in public shares and drag and drop on publicly shared folders is now disabled.
CL-9443Share A problem causing share authentication to fail when the share password contained a special character has been fixed.
CL-8199ShareWhen a share is orphaned, users now receive a message that the share is invalid.
CL-9624ShareWhen a Team Folder share was created from the Admin portal and Allow Delete was unselected, Allow Delete was shown as Yes instead of No. This has been fixed.
CL-8518ShareShare history was not displaying email addresses that links were shared with. This has been fixed.
CL-9332SIEMProblems with handling special characters in SIEM integration have been fixed.
CL-9275SIEMProblems with upload and send email CEF messages being received by the SIEM server during upgrade have been fixed.
CL-8839SolrA problem causing some files to fail to be indexed in Solr has been fixed.
CL-9207SSOA problem causing SAML SSO login to fail when multiple IDP URL's were present in the SAML response has been fixed.


An issue causing the S3 proxy flag to be ineffective has been fixed.
CL-9331S3Downloading multiple files when using S3 was causing FileCloud to hang up. This has been fixed.
CL-9133S3Importing files from the Admin portal was not working for S3 buckets. This has been fixed.
CL-9061S3A problem causing failed or incomplete uploads to appear as successful when using S3 has been fixed.
CL-8657S3In the S3 Network Folders Details settings, Sharing could not be set to Shares Not Allowed. This has been fixed.
CL-9549S3An issue caused by thumb files not being deleted when files were uploaded using S3 has been fixed.
CL-9012S3An issue causing data loss when a folder was renamed in a Wasabi bucket has been fixed.
CL-9509, CL-9880System failureA problem causing FileCloud to randomly stop working has been fixed.
CL-9253Team foldersThe upload size limit option was not displayed for private shares of team folders. This has been fixed.
CL-8446TranslationsA number of phrases and message that were not translated in the UI are now translated into supported languages.
CL-9351UsersExporting users filtered by guest status has been fixed.
CL-8337WatermarkIf a watermark is added to a pdf, it is now included when the file is downloaded.
CL-9288WorkflowAn issue preventing the workflow "If user is inactive for "x" days than disable user" from working correctly has been fixed.

Some workflows did not work in Linux systems due to issues with the /tmp folder.  A workaround for this problem has been provided.

CL-9009WorkflowA problem with the workflow "Perform an action periodically at specific time" has been fixed.
CL-9222WorkflowUse of / to indicate global path for My Files is now supported in workflows.
CL-9427WorkflowA problem with the "If user is inactive for x days" workflow has been fixed.
CL-9175xamppAn error preventing loading of some DLL files has been fixed.
Drive and MacDrive
CL-7905Adobe KitA problem with editing Adobe Kit files has been fixed.
CL-9060ExcelAn issue preventing a user from saving changes to an Excel file unless the user renamed it has been fixed.
CL-8558LockThe logic for releasing a lock on a file has been improved so that files inadvertently left closed when users shut down are not left locked for lengthy periods. 
CL-9780Opening DriveA problem with Drive crashing when opened has been fixed.
CL-9536Share linkA problem causing an error message to appear when a user modified the share link name has been fixed.
CL-9190TranslationsErrors in Dutch language translations have been fixed.
CL-9452UploadIf a user renames a file while uploading it, the upload is unsuccessful but the file is renamed. This has been fixed.
CL-9319URLWhen a user entered the URL with the port number, Drive returned an error. This has been fixed.
CL-9517URLDrive now replaces invalid characters in the URL name.

CL-9231ConnectionA problem causing MacDrive's connection to terminate after 10 or 15 minutes has been fixed.
CL-9409XLS filesA problem causing XLS files to become corrupted after being edited in MacDrive has been fixed.

CL-9146ActivityThe Sync activity log was not displaying file deletions. This has been fixed.
CL-8493AuditA problem causing Sync to fail to display details of files of uploaded folders has been fixed.
CL-8990ConflictsSync was not deleting a local folder that was deleted in the server if there was a conflict in it. It now deletes the local folder.
CL-8991DeleteSync was reuploading deleted folder if a file in the folder was in use. This has been fixed.
CL-8935InstallThe Sync service exe is now be available in the installer for Sync2.
CL-9099Offline syncAn issue causing Sync to crash when it was paused during online syncing has been fixed.
CL-9800Remote managementA problem causing Remote Management to appear as disabled in the Admin Portal even when it was enabled in Sync has been fixed.
CL-5722Team foldersIf access to team folders is removed, their locally synced files are now deleted.
CL-8677WarningsThe Sync tray icon now indicates if Sync status is successful, warning, error, or in progress. 
Drive and Sync

CL-9163DownloadsAn issue that prevented  versioned file downloads from Sync and Drive to fail has been fixed.
CL-9626Password protected sharesWhen special characters are used in the  passwords for protected shares in Drive and Sync the password was saved with the wrong characters. This has been fixed.
CL-9299Session timeout

Enabling "Enforce Session Timeout for Devices" in a policy causes an error to appear when sharing from Sync and Drive. This has been fixed.


CL-9178App crashesAn issue causing the application to crash has been fixed.
CL-8579MessageWhen the change approval percent has been reached, the message for choosing the sync operation now indicates that the percent has been reached.


Serverlink synchronization was not working due to duplicate metadata keys. This has been fixed.

CL-9648Downloading changesA problem causing the secondary server to fail to download changed files from the primary server and create paths has been fixed.
CL-9195DRMExport of files via DRM was failing primary server failed and secondary failure was used by system; an alternate URL setting which fixes this issue has been added.

CL-9441OutlookProblems causing a file download to result in a crash, a Default folder to appear for Favorites, and an alert remaining open when OK was clicked have been fixed.

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