FileCloud Server 20.1 Release Notes


OverviewRelease Summary

Upgrade to 20.1

Release Date: May 4, 2020

Release Type: Major

FileCloud supports import of MS Office tags with MS Office files and converts the tags to FileCloud format.

FileCloud's notification system has been redesigned and now gives users control over which notifications they receive.

FileCloud ServerLink has new features including improved error and status reporting and instant folder creation and other new features.

FileCloud now supports integration of multiple IDPs.

FileCloud now integrates with custom SMS Gateway

New installation:

Installing FileCloud Server

Upgrading from any version to 20.1:

  • A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.

Upgrade Notes for FileCloud 19.2 to 20.3

Patch Releases

06/18/2020Drive problem in file explorer  causing deleted files to remain in the cache after Drive was refreshed has been fixed.
06/18/2020Drive problem causing the activities panel to not refresh has been fixed.
06/18/2020Drive problem causing temporary files to be processed incorrectly has been fixed.

Issue: Actions performed were taking too long to be committed to the server.

Resolution: Along with other changes to fix this, a Commit Pending Changes To Server button has been added to settings. See Settings.


Issue: When a user is working in Drive through file explorer, if the user changes a folder name and closes Drive while files are being uploaded to the folder, the files and folders inside the renamed folder disappear from FileCloud Drive until it is reconnected.

Resolution: The files and folders in the renamed folder no longer disappear from Drive.

06/18/2020Drive saving and new creation of files did not work when automatic lock was enabled in Drive. This has been fixed.
06/18/2020Drive In FileCloud Drive, when users right-clicked on a file and chose View FileCloud Drive Properties, the pop-up never finished loading. This issue has been fixed.
06/11/2020Server20.1.1.7769CL-6406When users were given manage share permission on a share, they were still not able to manage it. This has been fixed.

In the AD Group Members Import page, when the Disable Members and Remove Members settings were checked, the setting was not saved, but this has been fixed. 

06/11/2020Server20.1.1.7769CL-6449A problem that caused the License expiration email to be sent every 5 minutes has been fixed.
06/11/2020Server20.1.1.7769CL-6429The setting TONIDOCLOUD_DISABLE_ADMIN_USER_DATA_ACCESS was not preventing folder downloads, but this issue has been fixed.
06/11/2020Server20.1.1.7769CL-6330An issue causing the link to the Forgot Password page (for AD and LDAP users) to fail has been fixed.
06/11/2020Server20.1.1.7769CL-6324The Save S3 Settings button in the Admin UI was failing to verify the S3 settings, but this issue has been fixed.

An issue causing an incorrect Audit log time stamp if the message queue was stopped and started again has been fixed.

06/11/2020Server20.1.1.7769CL-6454A problem that caused failed optimized uploads to be marked as successful has been fixed.

A patch has been released for FileCloud Drive to fix a problem with the Drive installer. 

New Features


Notification system redesign

The notification system now includes settings that enables users to customize notifications they receive when actions occur on their folders or files. See Notifications.

ServerCL-3384 Ability to integrate multiple IDP's

FileCloud now supports configuring up to six different IDPs for single sign-on (SSO). See SAML Single Sign-On Support and Integrating Multiple IDPs for details.

ServerCL-5347 MS Office Tag ImportFileCloud now prepopulates uploaded MS Office documents with FileCloud tags matching the MS Office tags which already exist within the files. See Working with Built-In Metadata for information about MS Office tag metadata.
ServerSMS integration SMS Gateway
Sync, ServerSync

Sync now automatically updates team folder permissions when they are changed on the server.

See Syncing Folder Permission Changes.
: If you have team folders synced, when you upgrade to version 20.1 of FileCloud server and version 20.1 of FileCloud Sync, log out and log back in to ensure a clean upgrade.
ServerLinkCL-5646 Enhancements to ServerLink:Features included:


Reference NumberModuleFeature NameDescription

Proxy support for Google recaptcha.

Proxy support added for Google recaptcha.
CL-5590 ServerThe Apache version in FileCloud has been updated to version 2.4.43
CL-5679ServerThe report "Get all file activities by users" has been added.See Custom Reports
CL-5240ServerA new report to show how many new users have logged in during a specified period has been added.See Custom Reports
CL-5636ServerA new option has been added to customizations in the TOS section: 
Show TOS every time a user logs in 
See Terms of Service.
CL-5147, CL-5750ServerWhen folder permissions are added to a top-level folder, if inheritance is enabled, the inherited user list is now available at all the subfolder levels.See Manage Folder Level Permissions.
CL-5302ServerA user shares report that shows details of share activities has been added..See Custom Reports.

The ability to remove Getting Started from admin UI has been enhanced.

The Disable Getting Started Dialog setting in Admin Customizations has been enhanced and a setting has been added for the user portal:
Disable Getting Started Admin Dialog: Hides Getting Started option from upper-right menu of Admin portal and disables automatic launching of Getting Started in the admin UI the first time the user logs in.
Disable New User Tutorial: Hides Getting Started option from upper-right menu of User portal and disables the tutorial and welcome message for new Users

See General Customization.

CL-5552ServerA new setting to hide the default admin login page when using SSO has been added.See SAML Single Sign-On Support.
CL-5454ServerA new setting to prevent admins from downloading and performing other operations on user files has been added.The setting TONIDOCLOUD_DISABLE_ADMIN_USER_DATA_ACCESS prevents admins, including the Main admin, from downloading, deleting, renaming, copying, and moving user files. See Managing User Folders and Files.
CL-5713ServerA new "Moved" option has been added to the Operation Filter drop-down list on the Audit Logs page.See Filter Audit Log Views.
CL-5764ServerWOPI Preview has been added for public shares.

A new audit entry has been added for the ClamAV scan that logs 'novirusfound' and 'virusremoved' operations. 

CL-5207ServerUpload and Download Reports now list size of files uploaded or downloaded.See Custom Reports.

An option has been added in the Admin UI, User edit, to send User creation welcome email again. 

See Send Email from User Details.
CL-5481ServerA new icon was added to the statistics widget in the Admin Dashboard. It allows the admin to send the Admin Summary Email on demand. See Admin Portal Dashboard.
CL-5549ServerWhen importing users from Active Directory or a csv file, users can now choose to send each user a new account email with or without their password included. See Bulk Import User Accounts from AD Server and Bulk creation of User Accounts from a CSV File.
CL-5455ServerNow it is possible for admins to disable all notifications by default, but users can override this and enable notifications for individual actions. See Notifications for File Changes and Notifications.
CL-4984ServerA new setting, Disable Activities for Limited Users, gives admins control over whether or not limited users can see activities in the Activities panel. See The Misc. Tab Settings.
CL-5240ServerThe Get User Login report has been updated to include a parameter for setting the time period of the report to a specified number of hours ago.See Custom Reports.
CL-5612ServerThe setting Disable Getting Started Dialog in Customizations has been changed to Disable Getting Started Admin Dialog, and now only disables the getting started info in the Admin user interface. A separate customization setting, Disable New User Tutorial, has been added to separately disable getting started information when a new user logs into the user interface.See General Customization.

When a whitelist domain DLP rule is violated, the recipient email is now displayed in the audit record.


Users can now receive a daily digest of changes made to a shared file instead of receiving an email on every change. 

See Customize notifications in user settings.
CL-5823ServerIn a multiple tenant SAML/SSO environment, the error message for logging in with an invalid account can now be customized for each tenant using the TONIDOCLOUD_SAML_ERROR_MSG_n setting.See Integrating Multiple IDPs.
CL-5875ServerVarious changes were made to SMS-related functionality
  • Mobile phone number field now only accepts numbers
  • SMS field validation is now case sensitive
  • Mobile phone number and Name field now have a space between them.
  • Phone number field has been added to Admin UI - User detail
  • Admin can set a limit to the number of times the system resends a 2fa code to the user before locking the user out. See CL-5914.
CL-5781ServerA Refresh button has been added to the Audit Log.See View Audit Logs.
CL-6041ServerThe multi-tenant superadmin account now requires an encrypted password to make the account more secure. See Password encryption and logging in to a multi-tenant admin portal for information on entering an encrypted password. 
CL-5906ServerThe HTML tags <a>, <br>, and <p> are now supported in the DLP Rule Notification field.See Creating Data Leak Prevention Rules.
CL-5942ServerSIEM will send metadata for audit entries if available.See Managing SIEM Mappings.

Functionality has been added for sending a daily digest notification of changes made to shared files instead of sending an email for every change.

See Customize notifications in user settings.
CL-6053ServerThe settings TONIDOCLOUD_WEEKLY_DIGEST_DAY_NUMERIC, TONIDOCLOUD_WEEKLY_DIGEST_HOUR, and TONIDOCLOUD_DAILY_DIGEST_HOUR can be included in the cloudconfig file to override the time and day daily and weekly file change notifications are sent to users. See Notifications for File Changes
CL-6097Server"Access your Cloud: <URL>" has been removed from the header in the User UI.
CL-4754ServerSystem checks results now include temporary space used.
CL-5734ServerThe system now validates for password length when an admin edits a user password in the Admin portal.
CL-5892, CL-5913ServerSIEM support for additional audit fields, including metadata and response, has been added. See Managing SIEM Mappings.
CL-6173ServerThe default audit mapper supports additional fields including metadata, request, and response.See Managing SIEM Mappings.
CL-6063ServerPhone numbers from AD can now be imported to the user account.
CL-5500ServerAn Advanced Share Activity report that shows details of share permissions, recipients and actors has been added.See Custom Reports.
CL-5891ServerCustom metadata is now included in audit logs of share and download operations.See Metadata in Log Files.
CL-5708ServerThe Metadata page now allows admins to list files without metadata and add metadata to them.See Finding files without metadata.
CL-5980ServerAs part of the 20.1 upgrade, the existing notifications will be moved to a new collection notification_prior_201
Server and Online
CL-5038Server, OnlineA new admin user setting, Full Admin, has been added. It gives admin users the same access that full admin users have.See Managing Admin Users.
Drive and MacDrive
CL-5540DriveMetadata Search has been implemented in Drive.See Metadata Search in Drive
CL-5656DriveUsers can now open files directly from the search result listing.See .Searching in Drive.
CL-5998DriveFileCloud Drive now use FCFS instead of Fuse. Users no longer have to install Fuse separately.See How to install FileCloud Drive for Mac.
CL-5539DriveThe Search box has been enhanced. Search now begins without the user pressing Enter; clicking on a folder breadcrumb displays the folder in file explorer, and clicking the folder icon shows the folder path from the root. See Searching in Drive.
CL-5538DriveCustomization is now supported for the theme of the Drive interface.See FileCloud Drive White Label Instructions.
CL-5785MacDriveRight-click is now supported in MacDrive.See Enable Right-Click Support in Drive for Mac.

Sync, Drive, and Mobile

CL-5970SyncThe maximum number of entries in the list of unsynchronized files has been increased from 500 to 2000.
CL-4452Drive, SyncFunctionality has been added for setting the system to automatically release a lock that DocIQ has placed on a file after a period of time. See Work with DocIQ File Locking.
CL-3034Drive, Sync, MobileArabic language support has been added to the desktop and mobile apps. See Translations.
See FileCloud Add-In for Microsoft Outlook



Improved Dashboard Error and Status Reporting

See Admin Portal Dashboard and Viewing ServerLink Information.


ServerLinkPropagation of File Timestamps.When a file is uploaded on one device and then synced to another, the file's timestamp on both devices appears as the time of the upload to the first device. 


ServerLinkAbility to send email when ServerLink doesn't workServerLink now sends admins emails when a critical ServerLink event occurs. A new ServerLink Critical Alert email template has been added to Customizations. 
See FileCloud ServerLink.


ServerLinkWhen a file is uploaded to a new folder name, the folder is automatically created. 
CL-6042ServerLinkAPI key and password settings that previously were displayed in the Admin user interface in plain text are now displayed and masked.See ServerLink Installation and Configuration.

Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberModuleDescription



Issue: If admin and user are logged in on the same browser, since cookies are shared, cookie cleaning causes the admin session to terminate when the user logs out or the user session expires

Resolution: Separate cookies are now used for the admin and user sessions.


Issue: In the Admin Portal, the dashboard uses the terms Smart DLP and Smart Classification, but the Manage Admin window uses DLP and CCL. This is confusing.

Resolution: Now, the Manage Admin window also uses the terms Smart DLP and Smart Classification. See Managing Admin Users.

CL-3091ServerIn the Admin Portal, under Statistics, "Email sent in the last 24 hours" now has an explanatory tooltip and the number is a clickable link that shows the email report. See Admin Portal Dashboard.

Issue: When a file or folder is shared publicly, the user interface and URL display the username.

Resolution: For public shares, the user interface and URL no longer display the username. See Share Settings.


Issue: Non-authenticated users can subscribe to system emails.

Resolution: Now, only logged-in users can subscribe to system emails.


Issue: On the user log-in page the field for Account cuts off default information.

Resolution: The entry fields have been lengthened.

CL-5602ServerIn the Admin Portal, in Customization > General > Login tab, "user login screen" was changed to "login screen" where the option applies to both admin and user portal.

Issue: Moving a file from one remote folder to another using WebDAV causes the file size to display as 0kb

Resolution: When a file is moved using WebDAV, the file size now displays correctly.


Issue: Copy and Paste dialog instructions are confusing.

Resolution: Copy and Paste dialogs now use the terms "destination folder" and "paste". See Copy Items and Move Items.

CL-1123ServerThe image for the the icon for an expired share has been updated. See Viewing Expired Shares.

Issue: User cannot log into protected shares.

Resolution: User can now log in to protected shares.


Issue: If users did not enter a mail attribute for AD, on login to the user portal an error that the email is empty is shown.

Resolution: Mail attribute is now required for AD.

CL-5369ServerThere is now a setting "Attach share password by default to public shares" that admins can enable so that share emails include share passwords by default. See Share Settings.

Issue: In Team Folders, after a user selects a file and clicks Move, the Move button disappears.

Resolution: Instead of Move button, show Paste and Cancel options. See Move Items.

CL-3637ServerThe & character is now allowed in Network Folder names.

Issue: Adding an AD user from the Admin Portal (Users>Add Users>use Email ID to import user) using Email ID fails

Resolution: Admins can now use Email ID to import an AD user.


Issue: When admin UI - Settings - Admin - Allow Account Sign Ups is set to false, account sign-ups are not prevented.

Resolution: Now when admin UI - Settings - Admin - Allow Account Sign Ups is set to false, account sign-ups are prevented.


Issue: Moving a user or a group from Available users to Policy users doesn't remove it from the Available users list.

Resolution: When a user or a group is moved from Available users to Policy users the user or group is removed from Available users.


Issue: Even if New Accounts Must Change Password setting is enabled, users can enter the same password as the one they were given.

Resolution: Users are now required to enter a new password.


Issue: A Promoted Admin cannot send share emails because their name and email address does not appear in the Your Name field.

Resolution: Promoted Admin name and email address now appear in the Your Name field so share emails are sent.


Issue: Label and Definition are the same for some fields in the ICAP settings.

Resolution: More descriptive definitions are now given. See Use ICAP Antivirus Scanning.


Issue: In the api endpoints "set2fasmsphonenumber" and "resend2facode", a token param is being sent from the UI but not validated at the backend.

Resolution: The token param is now validated.

CL-5203ServerSize fields in the user interface now round numbers to 2 digits.

Issue: For workflows that involve deleting a file after download or inactivity, the audit log erroneously displays that the file delete failed.

Resolution: Audit log no longer shows that successful file delete failed.


Issue: AutoBackup failure breaks the Daily Cron execution

Resolution: AutoBackup is no longer failing.


Issue: The Reset All button in the Admin UI Settings tab is misleading.

Resolution: The Reset All button has been moved to its own Reset tab in Settings, and warning messages for other reset settings have been made more descriptive. See Reset Settings and Customizations.


Issue: On login, an empty popup appears for some external license customers. Also the install check incorrectly indicates the license not installed.

Resolution: Empty popup and incorrect install check message no longer appear.


Issue: Since Solr does not index CSV files, CCE metadata tagging fails

Resolution: In cloudconfig.php, modify the value of  TONIDOCLOUD_SEARCHINDEXING_VALIDEXT to:
define('TONIDOCLOUD_SEARCHINDEXING_VALIDEXT', 'txt|rtf|xml|html|conf|pdf|doc|docx|xls|xlsx|ppt|pptx|csv'); 


Issue: Error message that appears when a new user is entered with invalid characters does not address letters with diacritical marks.

Resolution: Error message now reads: Username can only contain numbers, spaces, hyphens, periods, underscores, and letters from the Latin alphabet (A-Z, uppercase and lowercase).


Issue: Need to add phone number field in User's details in Admin UI

Resolution: Phone number field added. See User Properties - Editable.


Issue: In Advanced Search, end date was not included in search.

Resolution: End date is now included in search, so files modified on that date are included in results.


Issue: When admin adds a Smart Mount Network folder that contains ‘&,’ some Network Folder records do not appear in the Admin UI.

Resolution: Now, when Smart Mount Network folders contain "&" all of the Network Folder records appear in the UI.

CL-4121, CL-5859Server

Issue: Absence of a max file size limit for exif metadata extraction causes a memory size exhausted error.

Resolution: The TONIDOCLOUD_MAX_METADATA_EXTRACTION_FILE_SIZE_MB setting has been added; if files are larger than this, exif metadata extraction is skipped.
See:Troubleshooting Metadata and Managing Metadata.


Issue: Save button appears on Customization pages even when no changes have been made.

Resolution: Save button only appears after changes have been made.



Issue: In the new account form, users can check an option to see if a username entered already exists. This is a potential security problem.

Resolution: The option to check a name has been removed, and reCaptcha has been added to the form.


Issue: "^DAYS^" tag does not render correctly in the sendsharetoemail template, addnewusertoshare and addusertoshare email templates.

Resolution: "^DAYS^" tag is now supported in these templates and renders correctly. See Email Templates.


Issue: Main admins need to be able to block user admins from viewing and managing user files and shares.

Resolution: The setting TONIDOCLOUD_DISABLE_ADMIN_USER_DATA_ACCESS_UI enables main admins to block user admins from viewing and managing user files and shares. See Limit Admin Access to User Data.


Issue: A user had a retention policy on a file that did not allow deleting it. The first attempt to delete it resulted in an error message, but the second did not (although the file was not deleted).

Resolution: Problem is fixed so that every time user tries to delete a file with a retention policy preventing deletion, the error message appears.


Issue: FileCloud installs even if apache is already running.

Resolution:  If there is any webserver running apart from FileCloud, the installation is blocked.


Issue: Managing shares is available in the Team Folders recycle bin but should not be.

Resolution: Managing shares is no longer available in the Team Folders recycle bin. See Recover Deleted Files.


Issue: Currently the DLP violation report shows the names of the violated files, but not their metadata and attributes.

Resolution: The DLP violation report now shows the names of the violated files as well as their metadata and attributes. See Custom Reports.


Issue: Multiple gettoasts calls impact the performance of some customer installations

Resolution: Only a few gettoasts calls are made during installation.


Issue: In Settings > Misc > General  the Proxy Password setting displays the password.

Resolution: The Proxy Password setting now masks the password.


Issue: Upload performance could be improved when a large number of small files are uploaded from the browser UI, especially when S3 is used as managed storage backend.

Resolution: The setting TONIDOCLOUD_UPLOAD_OPTIMIZATION has been added. When used it improves upload speed. See Setting up Managed Disk Storage.


Issue: On Admin dashboard, Recent Access Locations (GeoIP) widget is not marking recent locations with red dots.

Resolution: There are now reset buttons on the Statistics and Recent Access Locations widgets that the admin can click to refresh the Recent Access Locations widget and see the red location dots. See: Dashboard Reports.


Issue: An attacker who has obtained a  user name and password can modify the user's phone number to bypass two-factor authentication (2fa). An attacker who has also obtained the user's original phone number can restore it to prevent the user from realizing there has been an attack.

Resolution: A user can only set the phone number once - if it already exists, the user must contact the admin to change it. In addition, to prevent an attacker from gaining access with another user's token, if the token is invalid, the system clears it and requires the user to sign in again. See Preventing an attacker from bypassing 2fa.


Issue: System allows user to enter incorrect SMS code multiple times.and each time a new SMS code is sent. User should not be able to enter invalid SMS code endlessly. 

Resolution: Now, when the account is locked out, even if 2FA code is correct, the login fails. See Two Factor Authentication.


Issue: The pipe character is not supported in the display name.

Resolution: Now all special characters, including the pipe character, from the extended UTF8 alphabet are valid in display names See Create FileCloud Users.


Issue: On ICAP settings screen, the descriptions of fields are the same as the labels.

Resolution: The descriptions of fields now give detailed information.


Issue: Adding AD user from Admin Portal using Email address throws the error "Missing username or name is not valid (ie. admin or superadmin)"

Resolution: Adding AD user from Admin Portal using Email address is now successful.


Issue: SMS 2FA code should be case sensitive

Resolution: There is now a "Case-sensitive 2FA Code Comparison" checkbox in 2FA settings that enables case sensitivity for 2FA codes. See Two Factor Authentication.


Issue: An anonymous user can get a full list of clients.

Resolution: Now, only an admin can get a full list of clients, and authorized users can only get lists of their own clients.


Issue: The OKTA browser plugin was not working in FileCloud version 19.3

Resolution: The OKTA browser plugin is now working again. See Integrate with Okta using browser plugin.


Issue: Detect and Delete Inactive Files workflow does not delete the folder if all files in it have been deleted

Resolution: There is now an option in the Detect and Delete Inactive Files workflow to delete the folder if all files in it have been deleted. See Define a THEN Action.


Issue: Policies do not include enable/disable notification settings for renamed and shared files.           

Resolution: There are now settings for enabling and disabling notifications for renamed and shared files. See File Change Notifications for Shares.


Issue: User is not informed if admin denies new account.

Resolution: User is now informed if admin denies new account. See New Account Creation.


Issue: supports http but not https

Resolution: now supports both http and https


Issue: Files with over 256 characters in their path names do not sync to the server.

Resolution: Now files with over 256 characters in their path names sync to the server.


Issue: Admins are alerted if sending an email fails, but there is no explanation if it failed because the user is on the do not email list.

Resolution: Now when sending an email fails, the alert message explains that it was not sent due to an error or because the recipient was on the do not email list.


Issue: If your system uses multi-factor authentication and a new user logs in using a username with an upper-case letter, a blank authorization code is provided

Resolution: Now, when a new user logs in with a username that has upper-case letters, a valid authorization code is provided.


Issue: When a user drags and drops a folder with at least one empty sub-directory in Team Folders, the upload gets stuck and the folder is not uploaded.

Resolution: When a user drags and drops a folder with at least one empty sub-directory in Team Folders, the upload now works.


Issue: For User Sessions, log-in time and expiry time appear in different formats.

Resolution: Log-in time and expiry time now have the same format.


Issue: When a public share link is sent to a new or existing email, FileCloud displays "Some users cannot be added as user license limit is reached".  Since this is a public share, there should be no limit.

Resolution: The email can now be sent without an error message appearing.


Issue: When a user tries to log in with the wrong user name, the password is displayed in plain text in the audit log.

Resolution: When a user tries to log in with the wrong user name, the password is no longer displayed in the audit log.


Issue: When a non-existent user attempts to log in, the error appearing is "Failed to log back into the system".

Resolution: The error "Invalid username or password" is now shown.


Issue: When disk usage is calculated by a user, the system slows down.

Resolution: A disk usage query no longer slows down the system.


Issue: System is failing to perform Web Edit using Collabora.

Resolution: System now performs Web Edit using Collabora.


Issue: Solr indexing incorrectly returned the error "Document contains at least one immense term." 

Resolution: Solr indexing no longer incorrectly returns the error "Document contains at least one immense term." 


Issue: Clicking Escape does not clear all the checklist notifications at once after the admin logs in.

Resolution: Clicking Escape now clears all the checklist notifications at once after the admin logs in. See Logging In.

CL-4016ServerThe Manage Share dialog box for a folder now displays "Allow Manage" in the Misc permissions tooltip.

Issue: If the admin does not insert TONIDOCLOUD_2FA_SMS_CODE_EXPIRATION into cloudconfig, the 2fa code expires before the admin can log in. There is also no support for setting it in the admin user interface.

Resolution: TONIDOCLOUD_2FA_SMS_CODE_EXPIRATION is now included  by default in cloudconfig with a value of 600 seconds. In addition, in Settings > Admin, the setting Set Admin 2FA Code Timeout has been added, and in Settings > Misc > Two FA (previously SMS Security) the setting SMS 2FA Code Expiration in minutes has been added. See Two Factor Authentication.


Issue: The last modified time shown in Drive doesn't match the timezone set on FileCloud or the local time on the PC.

Resolution: Now the last modified time shown in Drive matches the timezone set in FileCloud and the local time on the PC.


Issue: If a user has a large number of shares, when the user logs in, the system never finishes listing the user's files.

Resolution: Now, when a user with a large number of shares logs in, the system finishes listing the user's files.

CL-6156, 6104Server

Issue: If a user is deleted and then another account is created with the same email address the newer account has access to older account's activities. 

Resolution: If a user is deleted and another account is created with the same email address, the newer account no longer has access to the older account's activities.


Issue: When a file placed in a network folder outside of FileCloud was moved to another folder in FileCloud, an error message was returned although the file moved correctly.

Resolution: The error no longer appears.

CL-5660, CL-5661Server

Issue: With versioning disabled (set to -1) workflow to move files to new location will not prevent the move if the same file name exists, and the user interface lists the filename twice.

Resolution: An "allow_overwrite" parameter that is independent from the versioning setting has been added to the "move the file" and "copy the file" workflow operations.
See Define a THEN Action.


Issue: Anyone with access to the URL of a FileCloud server can add users to the do not email list without being authenticated.

Resolution: User must be authenticated and the email they are unsubscribing must match their authenticated email to add it to the do not email list.


Issue: Activating Encryption doesn't work after a reboot in 19.3 FIPS system (CentOS)

Resolution: Upgrade in CentOS machine with encryption enabled in 19.3 and 20.1 now preserves encryption.


Issue: The audit logs show generic "Admin Test Email" message for any kind of emails sent out.

Resolution: The audit logs now show the subject of the email for emails sent.


Issue: Core and admin user interface zip files do not compress javascript files.

Resolution: These zip files now compress the javascript files.


Issue: Non meaningful notifications appear in audit logs

Resolution: Adjustments made so that only meaningful notifications appear, and these notifications have descriptive messages.


Issue: Huge dumps of report output are filling debug logs

Resolution: Report queries no longer result in large numbers of log entries.

CL-6196ServerA problem which prevented metadata from appearing for a user viewing an external file while the admin is logged in on the same browser has been fixed.
CL-6242ServerA problem which caused a DLP Rule created in Permissive mode to appear in the user interface in Enforce mode has been fixed.
CL-6094ServerA problem with usage of deprecated MongoDB APIs in natural sort preparation script has been fixed
CL-6137ServerA problem causing SSO Admin login to fail has been fixed.

Issue: The code entry box for Admin SMS 2fa has a button with the label Resend code but the label should be Re-login.

Resolution: The button now has the label Re-login.


Issue: When the ServerLink is enabled in the Admin UI, auto-locking is also set, which causes problems with locking.

Resolution: The ServerLink setting no longer also sets auto-locking.

CL-6160ServerSSO Settings have been added to enable automatic account type approval and account creation via signup for specific IDPs. See Integrating Multiple IDPs.
CL-6258ServerBandwidth information was added for multi-download operation audit entries.
CL-6207ServerA problem that was causing share invitation emails to users with mixed case letters in their email IDs to fail has been fixed.
Drive and MacDrive

Issue: An error occurs in FileCloud Drive when multi-mount is enabled and a second user tries to start a second FileCloud Drive session on the same host.

Resolution: Now, if multi-mount is enabled multiple users can start different sessions on the same host.

CL-5664DriveDrive now shows the mount point in the main log-in window. See Start and Log In to Drive.

Issue: DocIQ is not working in Drive when some files were opened due to missing DLL's

Resolution: The DLL's have been added to the default Drive installation.


Issue: If a file upload is deleted before upload is complete, after the correct delete message, an incorrect "Uploaded Successful" message is shown.

Resolution: "Upload Successful" message no longer appears after delete message.


Issue: Editing (or opening but not editing) files and saving them in the software 2020 Design resulted in errors:

Resolution: Not all files opened for the edit action were being downloaded; now all of the files opened are downloaded. 


Issue: When the Run at Windows Startup setting is enabled, the Drive dashboard automatically opens on Windows startup and displays settings. Users should be able to choose whether or not they want the Drive settings displayed on Windows startup.

Resolution: There is now a setting Open Dashboard at Windows Startup that users can disable.


Issue: In Electron Drive live version, when some files were edited or uploaded, the system deleted them.

Resolution: An error in a path name was fixed, and the files are no longer deleted.


Issue: The error message "File already exists" if versioning is disabled is confusing.

Resolution: The error message is now "File can't be overwritten since versioning is disabled", and an entry is added to the log file.


Issue: When Drive user tries to choose a share expiration date, the date control shows all null values for dates.

Resolution: Date control now shows correct date values for month in date control.


Issue: Size of object is not correct when displayed in Shared dialog box.

Resolution: Size of object is now correct when displayed in Shared dialog box.

CL-4433DriveSupport for multiple languages/translations has been added. See Start and Log In to Drive.

Issue: When a cursor hovers over a search result, the pop-up box sometimes overlaps other content and is difficult to read.

Resolution: Pop-up box no longer overlaps and has an opaque background so it is easier to read. See Content Search in Drive.


Issue: If an Excel file is opened and sits idle for a while, when the user attempts to save it, a message appears asking if the file should be saved as a new file or should overwrite the files, which is confusing.

Resolution: Now, if an Excel file is opened and sits idle for a while, when the user attempts to save it, it is saved without displaying any messages.

CL-5587, CL-5783Drive

Issue: Drive freezes when large files are uploaded.

Resolution: Drive can now handle large file uploads.


Issue: If user opens Drive log-in window for Dev Auth Code and exits without entering a code, then when the user tries to open Drive and log in again, the Drive window freezes.

Resolution: Now, if a user exits a Drive Dev Auth Code log-in window without logging in, when the user tries to open Drive and log in again, the window functions normally.


Issue: When 2fa login is enabled, Drive should display the log-in interface for 2fa by default but does not.

Resolution: When 2fa login is enabled, Drive now displays the log-in interface for 2fa by default.


Issue: Drive should preserve the original time-stamp of an uploaded file instead of overwriting it.

Resolution: Drive now preservers the original time-stamp of an uploaded file.


Issue: Sometimes, when a file is uploaded to Dreamweaver, edited, and saved, it is sent to the recycle bin.

Resolution: Files uploaded to Dreamweaver, then edited and saved remain in Drive.


Issue: Advanced Share password options always display the password.

Resolution: By default, the password is masked, but includes an option to show it. 


Issue: Direct Link does not work in Drive.

Resolution: Direct Link now works in Drive. See Sending a link from a Team Folder or Shared With Me.


Issue: Drive letters X, Y, and Z don't have ":" at the end, which causes problems with accessing File Explorer.

Resolution: The drive letters now have a ":" at the end, and they mount properly.


Issue: FileCloud Drive ignores mass deployment configurations in an RDS environment, and only recognizes the configuration in the Drive config.xml file. 

Resolution: FileCloud Drive now recognizes the mass deployment configurations in an RDS environment


Issue: Drive returns the error "Net Exception: Cannot assign requested address" when a user tries to log in with a password that uses special characters.

Resolution: Users can now log in to Drive with a password that uses special characters without receiving an error message.


Issue: Drive performs poorly when uploading a large number of small files.

Resolution: Uploading a large number of small files now performs smoothly.

CL-5982DriveThe warning "Slow network speed or high number of items causing high latency in retrieving folder listing" now appears in Drive when the folder being fetched contains over 1K files and folders.

Issue: Sometimes saving a file on MacDrive results in a permissions error and the file saved as 0 bytes.

Resolution: Files on MacDrive are now saved at the correct size without a permissions error.


Issue: The only way to start searching after entering a search term is to hit Enter. It should be easier.

Resolution: Search now begins automatically. See Searching in Drive.


Issue: Files sometimes disappear.

Resolution: Files no longer disappear.


Issue: MacDrive does not auto-lock Word files

Resolution: MacDrive now auto-locks Word files.


Issue: Server returns the file modification time and modifiedepoch timestamp in the timezone set on the server, and not in UTC which can interfere with proper syncing.

Resolution: Server now returns these times in UTC.


Issue: Multiple file conflicts for the same file appear on the Activity tab.

Resolution: If there are additional conflicts for a file conflict listed on the Activity tab, the conflict currently listed is updated, and an additional conflict is not recorded.


Issue: A Sync conflict listing shows an old file version as the live version for the 'Remote file' option

Resolution: Sync conflict now shows the correct live version.


Issue: When users uploaded files through FileCloud Sync in Mac, there were normalization errors.

Resolution: There are no longer normalization errors when users upload files through Sync in Mac.


Issue: SSO login was not working.

Resolution: SSO login is now working.


Issue: Sync only lists English as a choice for language.

Resolution: Sync now supports and lists the languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. See Translations.


Issue: After the initial sync of Team folders, if user access is denied to a folder through folder permissions in the Web server, the folder remains in the Sync folder and can be accessed by the user, but not edited. This is confusing.

Resolution: If access to a folder that exists in the Sync folder is denied through user permissions in the Web server, the folder is deleted from the Sync folder.


Issue: The names of conflict files do not show which other user also modified the file.

Resolution: Conflict files are now named as follows, where filename is the name of the file with the conflict:

  • For a file in a shared folder, where other is the name of the other user who modified the file:  filename(Conflict_other (Web browser)_2020-03-25-22-50-36).txt
  • For a file in a team folder, where teamname is the team folder account name:   filename(Conflict_teamname (Web browser)_2020-03-25-23-01-42).txt
  • For a read-only file in a local sync folder,:  filename(Conflict_Read-Only_2020-04-27-21-35-33).doc
Drive and Sync
CL-5513Drive, Sync

Issue: If a user disables DocIQ and tries to change a share from public to private (or from private to public) an error message is shown, but the user can still change the share to public or private.

Resolution: When DocIQ is disabled, a user cannot change a share from public to private (or from private to public).

CL-5790Drive, Sync

Issue: DocIQ Comment Box does not allow entering comments.

Resolution: DocIQ Comment Box now allows entering comments.

CL-5725Drive, Sync, Server

Issue: Network folders with a special character in their name appear with a different character when synced.

Resolution: An update to UTF8 special encoding to the server fixed this problem.

CL-4978Drive, Sync

Issue: When FileCloud Drive or Sync is installed with DocIQ and then a PowerPoint document is opened and saved on the local desktop, DocIQ displays an alert.

Resolution: Now, the alert only appears when the file is saved in Drive or Sync.


Issue: Back button in Team Folders is not working.

Resolution: Back button in Team Folders now works.


Issue: The Outlook Plugin only supports signing in with a password.

Resolution: The Outlook Plugin now also supports signing in using 2fa.


Issue: When admins create team folders they forget to share them with their users

Resolution: After an admin creates a team folder, a message reminds them to give their users access to it.


Issue: ServerSync re-uploads deleted files.

Resolution: ServerSync no longer re-uploads deleted files.


Issue: When syncing and importing folder permissions, Admin permissions are not imported.

Resolution: Now Admin permissions are imported. 

CL-5993ServerSyncIn Server Sync, the "Skipped" section of Activity tab now shows a total count of ignored/skipped files.
CL-4560ServerLinkAn issue causing a duplicate key error during syncing has been fixed.