ownCloud vs. FileCloud – What is the right choice for your Business?


When it comes to On Premises Enterprise File Sync and Share platforms we directly compete with ownCloud.  Periodically, we  get queries from potential customers about how Tonido FileCloud differs from ownCloud?

We have asked the same question  to few of our customers who recently switched from ownCloud to FileCloud. The main reasons for the switch are,

  • FileCloud is more mature and stable
  • FileCloud Mobile apps are order of magnitude better than ownCloud Mobile apps
  • The User Experience of FileCloud is better than the ownCloud
  • FileCloud’s  Pricing ($2200 for 50 users) vs ownCloud Pricing ($9000 for 50 users).

Our viewpoint is that when compared to ownCloud, FileCloud is not only a file sync and share product but also provides advanced mobile device management and endpoint backup capabilities. Further, FileCloud’s pricing is 1/4 th of ownCloud pricing and provides an incredible value for your money.  If you are interested in a detailed feature wise  comparison, please check here.

You don’t need to take our word on face value.  You can try our product and come to your own conclusions. We assure that the exercise will be worthy of your time.

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For full comparison of owncloud vs. FileCould, Click here.