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Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

Managing investor meetings, negotiations, deals with your prospects, long-term contracts, and any internal projects requires a secure virtual space (aka Virtual Data Room) for holding documents and files. With FileCloud, you can create Virtual Data Room (VDR) that makes document management and collaboration as effective as you always wanted. FileCloud’s easy, secure, and regulated access to your document online, with functionality to share, review, download, comment, and archive them can prove to be a major enabler of success. You can securely store all kinds of documentation related to licenses, permits, contracts, intellectual property, proposals, plans, blueprints, and financial statements.

Easy Start

With FileCloud, setting up the virtual dataroom is simple, quick, and convenient. Once it’s set up, you can start adding people, uploading document, tracking activity, and auditing. Your VDR helps you engage potential investors and prospective clients like never before by taking care of anything and everything related to documentation and collaboration.

Efficient Collaboration

FileCloud powered secure Virtual Data Room has the potential to become the collaboration engine to drive your mega projects. The availability of critical documents with requisite levels of access privileges makes due diligence quicker and more efficient. With FileCloud, you can easily create notifications that will inform other users they need to review or approve the documentation or leave feedback, comments, and notes.

Secure, Private, and Protected

FileCloud delivers wholesome data security and privacy, enabling you to manage complex and grand projects, without worrying about documents. File encryption and access control ensure there’s no unauthorized data access to any document using virtual data room due diligence. Then, with restricted views, and extended activity logs, you can enforce any level of data privacy within the data room. It’s easy to define who’s able to view, edit, download, or share documents; that’s the granular level of security control that FileCloud offers.  

Why FileCloud?

  • FileCloud provides on-premise or hybrid or cloud based workplace, where you can store, access, share and work on files securely.
  • Offers many granular sharing options:
    • Private, password protected sharing
    • View Only sharing
    • Restrict number of downloads
    • Restrict upload
    • Enforce upload limits
    • Temporary, time bound shares
    • View, download and sharing permissions at individual user or at group level
  • Unlike competitors, FileCloud offers free, unlimited client/partner accounts for your external vendors and partners.
  • Offers unparalleled customization /branding options : custom login page image, email templates, logo, terms of service and custom domain
  • Superior security – Including remote mobile app wipe, our proprietary Heuristic file content scanning engine to detect and block Ransomware
  • Detailed auditing with details on who, when, what and how any action (download, upload, view, preview or delete etc.) occurred
  • Trusted by 1000s of service providers, banks, hospitality companies, power utilities, national governments, and government agencies including NASA, US Army.
  • Those who already know what is a virtual data room would tell you the difficult setup process. VC’s often do not have the bandwidth or the inclination for the same. This is why FileCloud virtual data room solutions makes it setting up a data room super easy. Military grade encryption ensures your virtual data room solutions are safe from breaches. Collaboration is easy, with FileCloud user accounts, permission settings and data leak prevention available for your online data room hosting. There would probably be no need to invest in any other solution after using FileCloud as an electronic data rooms solution. All of these & more features makes FileCloud an ideal virtual data room software.

Customer Success Stories

FileCloud enables Virtual Data Room VDR for GorillaCloud.

“Support was brilliant throughout the whole building, testing phase. The support team provided a lot of value there as well, getting the information I needed in the time scales required” Learn more


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