Workflow Automation Made Simple

FileCloud’s powerful yet easy-to-use workflow automation software increases the efficiency of your organization by helping users work smarter.

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Drag-and-Drop Workflows

Our drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to build any business workflow. Managers can create and share custom workflows with their team to improve performance by reducing error and making high-volume tasks easier to accomplish.

No Coding Needed

Anyone can set up review processes, send automated messages, and more by creating workflows without code. Our no-code design makes it simple for users to automate their work.

Real-time Reports

A convenient dashboard shows every running workflow so that users can see work happen in real-time. Our reports give you all the data you need with just a click.

Automate Processes for Next-Level Performance

Optimize your organization’s performance by automating everything from simple tasks to complex processes. Workflow automation increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations as users and teams are empowered to get more done.

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Easy Tracking and Collaboration

Users and admins can track work as it happens with a convenient dashboard that shows every running workflow. Streamline collaboration by improving oversight and reducing manual tasks like sending notification emails.

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Get the Best ROI in the Industry

FileCloud’s workflow automation comes with all the benefits of FileCloud, including enterprise file storage and collaboration, flexible infrastructure (self-hosted, hybrid, or cloud), unparalleled security and compliance, and award-winning support. Save time and money by replacing unnecessary subscriptions like Nintex with an all-in-one solution.

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Departments Love FileCloud Workflows


Automate contract review and approval processes, sales rep onboarding, and client notifications.


Streamline content collaboration, press and product releases, and agency partnerships.


Enhance security, compliance, and administration through automated workflows and easy monitoring.


Expedite new employee onboarding, time-off and expense approvals, and new policy review and implementation.


Simplify patent and contract approval processes and new policy reviews.


Improve forecasting processes, speed of invoice approvals, and simplicity of checkpoint notifications.


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