FileCloud Customization

Create a Digital Landscape That Extends Your Brand.

FileCloud provides extensive customization options that can help integrate your storage and file sharing platform into your branded identity. Build recognition and relationships with vendors and clients, improve security, and take advantage of advanced features like retention policies and content classification with FileCloud.

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Configure Visual Presentation

Add your logo, labels, and brand colors to your FileCloud domain, login screens, admin dashboard, user portals, and watermark feature. Create consistent displays across your web UI as well as desktop and mobile apps.

Adjust Platform Communications

Use FileCloud’s built-in templates for platform communications or adjust them to fit your organization’s language. Options include Terms of Service and company messages to users like welcome and password reset emails.

Localization Options

Reinforce global connections with translated user and admin portals. You can also display dates in Hijri format to improve multi-national collaboration.

FileCloud Server

FileCloud supports customization for major and minor aspects of the platform. These include small-scale changes like setting how files can be organized or labelled to large-impact changes like updating the graphics for your user or admin login screens or enabling users to change their own UI. You can also add links to account menus, disable options like document preview or media player functions, and adjust the color themes and labels for dashboards.

Beyond the simple yet striking image-based customizations, FileCloud also supports altering UI messages, email templates, and the terms of service. This ensures that all communication within and from the platform reflects your branded identity to the letter. You can also enable the RSS feed in the user navigation pane to provide company updates and information.

To extend your brand platform even further, you can even create custom product URLs and insert your own CSS files for maximum control over how you present your organization.

Filecloud UI Feature Preview

FileCloud Online

Even within FileCloud Online, where FileCloud hosts your data in our world-class data centers, you can still customize your platform to align with your brand portfolio. You can add your logo to user and admin portals across desktop and mobile apps, update the imagery used for the login screens, and change the icon used to identify your web platform.

You can also take advantage of many of the same enable/disable options that impact a user’s experience, which are available for FileCloud server clients. For example, you can support or restrict the user’s ability to customize the user interface, download folders, and access data through file preview. Similarly, you can add links to the user’s navigation menu and set up “getting started” prompts for new users to review.

One of the major customization options with FileCloud Online though is a Data Residency. You can select the region of your choice where your data will be stored and archived. This ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR and provides you with robust ROI while providing powerful security for client and employee data.

Filecloud Themes Customization Preview


Communicate with clients on confidential projects and branding portfolios from within a secure and recognized platform.


“We chose FileCloud because of its seamless integration into our network drives and internal file servers.” – Schlouch Incorporated


Bolster security and client access with clear labeling of your online portals that comply with federal and global guidelines like GDPR and FINRA.


“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team” – University of South Carolina.


Create a functional and inviting dashboard that shows off the design and content skills of your team while engaging clients.


“FileCloud addressed everything we really needed and also replaced our need for a third-party backup solution like Carbonite to save even more money.” – Lattice Communications


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