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Why Choose FileCloud As Your Next EFSS Solution?

Self Hosted or Cloud

  • Self-Host on-premises
  • Host in the Cloud
  • Hybrid model includes local storage (HDD, NAS/SAN)
  • Scalable Storage with Amazon S3 or OpenStack
  • Amazon AWS or AWS GovCloud

Security Features

  • Advanced Encryption (AES 256-bit)
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail and Logging
  • Anti-Virus/Ransomware Protection
  • End-point Security
  • Single Sign-on & AD Integration

Collaboration & Mobility

  • Powerful Administration
  • Smart Notifications
  • OnlyOffice & Microsoft 365 Integrations for real-time collaboration
  • Mobile Access and Remote Wipe
  • Mount Files on Windows Network Drive
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Secure File Storage, Sharing, and Sync Platform

FileCloud meets specific file sharing requirements for the BFSI vertical (Banking, Finance Services, and Insurance) such as secure file sharing, detailed auditing (who, what, when, where, & how) for data compliance, integration with pre-existing IT infrastructure like Active Directories and NTFS permissions, custom branding, hierarchical retention policies, a content classification engine, data leak prevention, and endpoint backup. The FileCloud solution is compliant with major industry and government regulations, including FINRA, SEC (17A, 31A-2, & 204-2), and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

Powerful Features and Capabilities:

  • Sync files stored in the cloud to user desktops and devices
  • Upload, store, and share large files with support for multiple file extensions
  • Integration with existing 3rd party business applications via APIs and plugins
  • Built-in file creation, document preview, and editing directly in the browser
  • Granular folder and role-based permissions for users
  • Protection of files stored and transferred by encryption, antivirus scanning, and smart DLP (data loss prevention)
  • Authentication options for Active Directory, SAML, Azure Active Directory, etc.
  • Audit and custom reports to document file activities and system actions

On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Solution

You can launch FileCloud inside your own infrastructure, so you control your data 100%. Install the FileCloud server and configure it according to your needs and requirements. For companies looking for secure cloud storage and enterprise file sharing while maintaining absolute control over their data, the on premises FileCloud Enterprise Server solution can be self-hosted behind corporate firewalls.

For companies who do not want to manage the IT infrastructure directly, FileCloud Enterprise Online is a great alternative that allows you to select the region in which your data is hosted. The secure, world-class data center infrastructure is designed for up to 99.99% availability, with replication options across regions for disaster recovery. FileCloud Enterprise Online provides fast, secure access, without struggling against latency issues. FileCloud also provides a hybrid option for customers who want the best of both worlds: the full array of security features with on-premises, local hosting along with the flexibility of cloud storage for low-touch data.


Achieving and maintaining real-time data synchronization across systems and applications is difficult yet desirable for BFSI sectors. With FileCloud, it’s possible to synchronize files from existing enterprise file shares for offline access, using a fast and efficient mechanism referred to as real-time syncing.

Sync content across computers, smartphones, and tablets using FileCloud’s secure mobile and desktop clients. FileCloud Drive enables users connected to the internet to preview, edit, and upload documents from wherever they are. All updates are synced continuously with the server, without taking up local storage or compromising security by downloading files locally. FileCloud Sync on the other hand allows users to update and sync files without access to the internet, by creating local copies that periodically sync with the server, with the option to backup Sync files for safekeeping. Let your team access files, data, and information on the go with the best Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing Solution.

For access on the go using a mobile device, FileCloud is optimized for tablets and smartphones using iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows operating systems. A consistent user interface ensures you can easily prepare for that important meeting, check daily reports, and offer comments on documents in progress without needing to pull out your laptop.

Advanced Sharing and Security Settings

Users and admins can take advantage of flexible share link options including public, private, and temporary file sharing, expiring share links, granular folder permissions, file download limits, and much more. You can also set security options to secure public shares with a password and control permissions for browsing, previewing, downloading, and uploading files to a folder.

With an Advanced FileCloud license, you can take advantage of powerful security features for cloud storage and file sharing, including built-in antivirus, malware and ransomware protection, two-factor authentication, 256-bit encryption for data at rest and SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit, and end-to-end backups. Additionally, FileCloud supports SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) integration, empowering you to address security threats through detailed reports. With the flexibility offered by cloud-based SIEM, companies can transition “from an infrastructure-based model to an information-centered model.” With FileCloud, you can rest assured knowing that corporate data is well protected across company servers and employee devices.

Metadata and Content Classification

The term “Metadata” is related to data providing additional information about files and folders available in FileCloud. Administrators can easily define sets of attributes that might be later associated with specific File Objects. Admins can manage metadata attributes, metadata sets, and define permissions. With FileCloud’s innovative Smart Classification system, your custom metadata can be used to automate file tagging and apply retention policies across all your uploaded data. Classification is seamless, as every file is analyzed for sensitive data like PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and financial details, with protective policies applied as needed.

Network Shares and NTFS Permissions

Many organizations have Windows-based network folders that are shared internally with employees. The permissions on these network folders are managed using NTFS rights for various users (usually from an Active Directory). FileCloud can easily integrate Active Directories and carry over NTFS permissions on network folders for user authorization and access. Clients using the self-hosted FileCloud Enterprise Server can authenticate against Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and log in to FileCloud using SAML-based Single Sign-on.

Groups and Permissions

FileCloud supports aggregating users into groups, which allows admins to assign file/folder/share permissions to groups rather than applying global or user-specific policies. FileCloud promotes flexibility by supporting group organization across the full range of permissions, including share links, metadata, team and network folder, and NTFS permissions.

Enterprise Record Management

With rising government regulations and legal mandates, sensitive documents and corporate files must be securely managed. FileCloud’s records management platform efficiently manages records throughout their lifecycle, from creation to distribution to deletion. Enterprises regularly process large amounts of information from internal and external sources, such as files, emails, photos, audio recordings, contracts, images, and videos. The records management system is responsible for identifying information to be retained as records, managing these records throughout their lifecycle, and fetching records when required for legal proceedings or internal audits.

Workflow Automation

With the 21.2 release of FileCloud, BFSI sectors can utilize Workflow Automation to handle repetitive file activities. The no-code, drag-and-drop tool makes it easy for anyone to build workflows, which can then be shared across teams. Managers can use the dashboard to track running workflows, and automatic notifications can be sent out to connected users. Use workflow automation to improve forecasting and management processes, speed up account reviews, and simplify checkpoint notifications and approvals. New actions within FileCloud allow users to approve, reject, or add comments to files – the workflow handles the rest. With less tedious, repetitive tasks filling up their days, banking and finance professionals can focus more on productive, innovative work that enhances the customer experience and drives innovation in their industry.

Integrate with Existing File Servers

FileCloud’s cloud server for small business is easy to integrate with existing file servers, including Microsoft Active Directories (AD) or LDAP. Maintain super-fast access to data and keep network latency to a minimum.

Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to send files or folders to any user. Edit files or upload new versions without having to change the original link. You can also adjust permissions, add passwords, and set expiry limits on share links.

Preview Files Without Downloading

When you send large files through FileCloud’s secure network as a share link, these files can be immediately previewed on any device. This requires neither registration nor download of additional software.

Reliable Data Backup

FileCloud offers powerful endpoint backup capabilities, with encryption for data at rest and in transit. Security features like two-factor authentication, antivirus scanning, and ransomware protection add several layers of protection.

Granular Access Control

Set up folders and share them immediately with ease while maintaining control over which information can be accessed by specific users. Fine-tune user access with seven different permissions, including View or Upload Only.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

FileCloud logs every operation that happens within the system. Records who (Username) did what (access, modify and delete) to what data (Files, Folders), when (timestamp) and how (Web, mobile, sync client and drive).

Secure Sharing with Clients & Partners

Use download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password protection, download limits and temporary shares. You can also take advantage of unlimited, free client accounts so regular partners can be included in FileCloud’s secure platform.

Work via FileCloud Drive

FileCloud Drive, a client application, makes your remote files available as if they were stored in the local drive on your computer, without actually taking up any additional space. FileCloud Drive removes the need to sync all your files to your local system, which offers greater security and flexibility on the go.

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FileCloud Administration Capabilities

Centralized Administration

The Admin dashboard provides a single-page view of the complete FileCloud system, including storage quota, disk usage, license information, system version, and much more.

File Analytics and Reports

The dashboard also provides administrators a quick snapshot of the FileCloud system – usage trends, peak usage, access by geo, storage usage, and content type. You can gain a better understanding of how users are interacting with the system through statistics on Total Users, Full/Guest Users, Groups, Managed Files, Network Folders, User Shares, Devices, and Audit Records.

Advanced User Management

FileCloud offers an array of advanced user features to manage devices, files, shares, and endpoint security policies. By empowering users to customize the system to best suit their needs, admins can more comfortably configure global settings without worrying about fine-tuning user-by-user access.


FileCloud allows organizations to customize their FileCloud platform to broadcast and popularize their brand. Having streamlined and consistent branding builds customer confidence, expands recognition, and associates that brand with security and compliance.

Single and Multi-Tenant

Are you an MSP or a system administrator handling several branch offices? If so, don’t worry about spinning a FileCloud instance for every office – FileCloud supports multi-tenancy, thus reducing overhead and maintenance costs associated with multiple instances and access abstraction.

Search and Audit Tools

FileCloud’s audit reports help system administrators from any size enterprise understand platform usage and monitor user behavior. Reports and filtering tools can be easily accessed via the centralized administrator dashboard. Unchangeable audit logs can also be exported into CSV files to easily convey to management and fulfill governance requirements.

Pattern Search & GDPR Features

FileCloud is the first enterprise file sharing and sync platform to support GDPR across private, hybrid, and public clouds! Built-in pattern templates make it easy for admins to set up global policies that meet regulatory requirements.

Advanced Notifications

File locking, smart notifications (when changes are made to files), activity tracking, and file/folder level commenting facilitate collaboration and responsible data handling. This level of centralized control, in conjugation with FileCloud’s mobility and flexibility, creates a liberating solution for businesses.

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Best File Sharing for Business

Small businesses need agile yet secure solutions to exchange confidential information with internal stakeholders, vendors, customers, and business partners. Traditionally, businesses use email to share documents, but this method poses several problems:

  • Large files take forever to upload and download
  • Collaborating on one, evolving version of a file becomes difficult when multiple people submit their notes
  • Users could easily lose data or share it with unauthorized recipients
  • Attachments can become lost, deleted, or corrupted

With a solution like FileCloud, you can overcome these issues. How? By implementing FileCloud’s advanced features and taking advantage of the built-in security. Based on your audience, you can set up access limits like view only, view/comment, view/comment/edit, and view/download, among others. Even better – you can apply these permissions to folders, sub-folders, and specific files for maximum control. Eliminate file size limitations and unauthorized access-related problems.

Link-Based File Sharing

What if you didn’t even need to attach a document to share it with someone? With FileCloud, it’s as simple as sending a link.

  • Quicker and easier to share data
  • Set link to expire after a given number of days or downloads to mitigate risks of data loss
  • Change access rights at any moment without needing to send a new link
  • Use the link in marketing communications, corporate messaging, etc. to enable users to access files with a single click.

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