Self-Hosted Server

Run FileCloud as a self-hosted solution with your on-premises infrastructure and behind your firewall.

For a private cloud solution, you can run FileCloud with any cloud service of your choosing, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Linode, and Alibaba Cloud. For those with greater security requirements, you can even self-host FileCloud in AWS or Azure GovCloud.

Collaboration and Sharing

Granular file sharing in FileCloud makes it easy to collaborate on files. Shares can be sent as a public link (with or without password protection) or a private link (requires FileCloud account to access files).

Limit the number of downloads or set an expiration date to provide greater security over sensitive information.


Organize data using our default metadata labels or create your own. Metadata can be used to further support Smart Classification, Data Leak Prevention, Retention, and Content Governance.

Security Compliance

FileCloud can help achieve compliance objectives with the Compliance Center.

Configurations for GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR connect FileCloud security tools and content management settings with regulatory requirements.

Worflow Automation

Streamline processes like contract reviews, file requests, invoice approvals, and more with FileCloud’s Workflow Automation.

Managers can create and share custom workflows with their team to improve performance, reduce human error, and ease the burden of high-volume tasks.

Content Governance

Retention policies help manage content through hierarchical rule types, including admin, legal hold, retention, and deleted item policies.

Automate content management with retention policies according to your industry or regulatory requirements.

Digital Rights Management Support

Maintain control over your data, even after sharing. Limit downloads and prints, prevent screenshots, and revoke access at any time.

Hybrid Cloud

Pair your on-premises FileCloud Server with the cloud to create a hybrid solution through Server Sync.

Integrate authentication and permissions apps like SSO, AD, and Windows NTFS for streamlined control and improved access. Optimize performance by organizing data across your local and cloud file servers.

Server Link Replication

Access the data you need wherever you are. Replicate your content across office sites and geographic locations to ensure your data can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

This scalable solution enables low latency across work sites and offices, seamlessly syncing millions of files.


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